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B Corp Way consulting partners have been vetted for their capabilities, quality and commitment to the B Corp way of doing business. Not only have they themselves been through the rigorous B Corp certification process, they continue to develop specific service offerings designed for the current market.

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Greenheart Consulting

We are facilitators of positive impact, working with for-profit businesses to eliminate their harm and contribute to an economy that is socially and environmentally regenerative.


We aim to inspire businesses to manage their impact on society and the environment with as much vigour as they manage their profits.


We enable organisations to address the triple threat of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.


Numerik challenges the status quo through innovation and ESG. We believe innovation and ESG are the two most important strategic forces that challenge company management teams.

Davidson consulting France & Switzerland

We provide professional services to entreprise (project management, IT transformation, engineering, carbon consultancy)

Third Rock Finland Oy

Third Rock’s mission is to save the world, one rock at a time. Our North Star is catalysing the global shift towards a carbon neutral circular economy.


Free from bias. Tenzing reinvents operational strategy consulting


Synergie is a consultancy agency for Business for Good. We use inspiration to find purpose, organize for impact and scale up.

Suricats Consulting

We make your positive transformations concrete and pave the way to more inclusive and regenerative futures by committing to your side on the journey


Manage your corporate sustainability journey at scale.


We take care of governance processes of businesses in our country; we promote a culture of integrity and fairness and we stimulate the application of good principles and practices


Management Consulting, data, innovation: we are iQo. We favour collective genius and hybridization of skills to co-build sustainable growth models and transformation journeys with our clients.

Interested in becoming a B Corp Way partner?

Are you a B Corp certified consultancy company and would like to join our community of B Corp Way partners? We are planning future rounds of recruitment for new partners. If you are interested in being notified when the next round opens up, sign up below using the contact form to ensure that you stay in the loop.

  • B Corp Certified

    As a certified B Corp consultancy, you are ideally placed to provide the support that European businesses need, with a deep understanding of B Corp principles, tools, and methodology.

  • Experienced with big business

    The platform was created with medium-sized businesses and large multinationals in mind as their complex structures warrant the level of support that B Corp Way partners can provide.

  • Systemic and collaborative thinking

    You are able to think systemically and collaboratively about social and environmental challenges and how to address them.

  • Think long term, act now

    You consider and manage the long term social and environmental performance of businesses while identifying and delivering on opportunities to positively contribute to the immediate needs of society.

Our partners’ expertise

B Lab Europe has worked with both large Corporates and the B Corp community to understand the types of services that are most in demand. We are building on these offerings all the time, and adding new services as well as new partners for you to work with.

BIA Advisory

Struggling to complete the B Impact Assessment? Know where your gaps are and need help to improve impact? Find support here.

B in the Boardoom

Provide board members and executive directors with the knowledge, the vision and the suitable tools to catalyze change in your company!

Carbon B Radical

How far, how fast, can an organisation reduce its carbon emissions? What is needed to design the change and see it implemented?

Writing B Corp requirements

Radical Transformation

To move from a shareholder led company to a stakeholder driven business requires a complete refocus of a company’s activities, business model, and all its operations.

SDGs and the B

Meet our B Corp professionals who provide strategic recommendations for using the SDGs to help quantify and manage your business impacts.

Marketing and Communication

Adapt both your internal and external marketing messaging to communicate the multi stakeholder-led ethos of the B Corp movement.

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