Improve your impact

Whether you’re looking to improve your score in order to achieve the 80+ points required for certification, or finding ways to further your impact, here are some tools, tips and resources to help you improve your impact.

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How companies improve their impact

B Lab’s free online tools offer companies a framework to improve their impact across different areas of their operations, as well as how they connect to the global 2030 agenda. Below are some tips to help you improve your impact using these resources.

  • Bookmark Questions in the B Impact Assessment

    By taking the B Impact Assessment, you will see where your company is performing well and where you can improve. Highlight the questions on the Assessment you wish to revisit by clicking the bookmark icon in the upper right corner of a question.

  • Download a Customized Improvement Report

    Once you have completed the Assessment, a report is generated automatically that identifies the key questions you could be performing better on to improve your current score.

  • Prioritize areas of improvement

    It’s easy to organise and prioritise questions within the Assessment with the Question Filter (which allows you to choose between question type, impact area, content, points available and other attributes), plus the ability to export content in full as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet to share with your team.

  • Set goals over a defined time period

    Whether you’re looking to achieve certification or working towards recertification, create a roadmap for improvements by clicking the star in the right-corner of questions to set yourself goals for improvement. Set due dates, email reminders and add comments about how you will reach these goals.

  • Formalize your company’s policies

    As you set out to improve your impact score, a great place to start is by formalising your company policies and tracking key metrics across the 5 Impact areas measured in the B Impact Assessment. For example, writing and circulating a Supplier Code of Conduct, monitoring and recording energy, water and waste usage or creating new policies to benefit your employees.

  • Learn from Best Practices

    Get inspired by initiatives the growing community of B Corps have put in place by attending events, watching webinars and reading case studies. Don’t know where to start? Check out the list of 2021 Best for the World Nominees, which recognizes the top 5% highest scoring B Corps in each impact area.

Improving your BIA score

While a score of +80 on the B Impact Assessment is required to achieve B Corp Certification, there are a possible 200 points available. The B Impact Assessment is a framework for continuous improvement across five key impact areas, and whether a company is pursuing certification, looking to recertify after three years, or simply looking to improve the way they do business, this tool can help companies identify what they are doing well and where they can improve their social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

To date, no company has achieved a perfect score of 200 – there are always opportunities to do more to benefit all people and the planet.

SDG Action Manager

The SDG Action Manager enables dynamic self-assessment, benchmarking, and improvement through a series of questions, guidance, and performance scores related to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact in areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

The SDG Action Manager enables users to integrate the BIA’s comprehensive, stakeholder-based view, with a more focused look at their performance on the Sustainable Development Goals.  


Impact Improvement Case Studies

African Clean Energy

Tool: B Impact Assessment

Use the Impact Management Platform

Beyond the tools created by B Lab, there are several other resources for businesses looking to improve their performance. The Impact Management Platform is a resource center for businesses and investors that outlines the various sustainability standards and tools that exist, their purposes and intended audiences.

This platform is a joint collaboration among standards organizations in the Impact Management Project, including B Lab, the GIIN, OECD, UNGC, World Benchmarking Alliance, and others.

Work with a consultant

The B Corp Way matches the needs of companies looking to improve their impact with consultants at B Corps across Europe who can provide tailored support, grounded in B Corp methodology.

Besides helping companies with their certification, B Corp Way partners can work with you to improve your climate action strategy, on managing your impact through performance on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other innovative approaches to radically transform your business.

european b corp summit 2019