B Lab France

B Lab France was created to represent the movement locally, the NGO has only been operating since 2019. Today, the French B Corp community is growing actively, with more than 350 certified companies.
B Lab France

The Growth of the Movement

Since 2019, B Lab France has been in charge of leading the movement at the local level. Nowadays, the French community is booming, with over 275 certified companies.

  • 8.580 +
    Companies Globally
  • 420
    B Corps in France
  • 18
    Industries in France
  • 1
    Unifying goal

B Corps in France

How do we drive change in France

Within the French B Corp movement, we create common standards, policies, tools, and programs that shift the behavior, culture, and structure of today’s economy. We are driving the transformation of the French ecosystem by addressing companies, higher education institutions, and local authorities with different engaging programs.

  • B Leaders

    A training program enabling professionals to acquire knowledge about the B Corp universe and to familiarise themselves with the key tools of the B Corp certification. Nowadays, there are +450 B Leaders formed through promotions.

  • B Academy

    A community of teachers and companies committed to contributing to the building of the economy of tomorrow, an economy where businesses are a force for the common good. +16 Academic partners; +10 Case study; +20 Conferences; + 50 Members.

  • Cities can B

    A program designed to mobilize citizens, organizations, and businesses to become active agents of change for the sustainable development of their territories. At B Lab France, we already started discussing within several cities.

  • BIA Bootcamp

    A support program for the completion of the BIA. primarily intended for companies that have already embarked on the B Corp approach within their company and are encountering obstacles to completing the BIA.

  • B Corp Bootcamp

    A program made to support and provide guidance to companies that feel alone when leading their organization towards B Corp certification.

  • Working groups

    Reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of salary inequalities or poverty, reduction of single-use plastic and packaging… The French B Corp community is constantly collaborating to turn business into a force for the Common Good.

B Lab France Team

We animate and amplify the voice of the B Corp community in France. We encourage companies to discover the movement and encourage them to act thanks to the BIA impact measurement tool. We inspire civil society actors and decision-makers, and we foster synergies.

Augustin Boulot

Executive Director

Climène Koechlin

Head of Growth

Louise Seguin

Communication Lead

Mathilde Fermaut

Certification Lead

Camille Paumier

Programs Development

Amicie Féquant

Education and impact

Sarah Cerange

Community Lead

Valérie Janin


Adrien Favreau


Eva Hivernon

Finance and office management

Lisa Grignard


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