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B Corp movement in Poland

The B Corp Movement has been growing in Poland since 2018 when the first Polish company got certified. Since then, more and more people and companies join the Movement, use the B Impact Assessment (BIA) and enter the certification pathways.

The Growth of the Movement

The group of B Corp Movement Friends in Poland grows rapidly, attracting Leaders of systemic change and using business as a force for good. Acting locally we are influencing the global economy to make it better for People and our Planet.

B Corps in Poland

How do we drive change in Poland

We are engaged on different levels to boost the B Corp Movement and promote its values: working both with companies that want to become a B Corp and with those simply having similar goals. We collaborate with NGOs, Academia, as well as with Influencers, we aim to build brand recognition in the media.

  • Warsaw B Corp Summit

    Since 2018 we organise the local edition of the B Corp Summit, an event dedicated to the B Corp Movement and regenerative economy, each time attracting phenomenal speakers and a large audience from all over the world.

  • B Corp Month – March

    Each March is especially significant for the Members of the B Corp Movement, as this is the international B Corp Month. Follow us on social media to learn more!

  • Polish Diversity Chamber of Commerce

    We created the Polish Diversity Chamber of Commerce associating companies and organizations with a common vision that together we can create workspaces where every person feels at home.

  • Academia

    Paweł Niziński actively promotes the B Corp Movement during his lectures at different universities in Poland and through collaboration with the most outstanding sustainability Academics.

  • Implementation Doctorate Programme

    … and on top of that, Maria Koczorowska started the PhD Programme at the University of Warsaw and she is also pursuing a B Corp-related project.

B Corp Movement Team in Poland

Our aim is to create a better, more sustainable world for all using our long-term expertise in the field of sustainability consulting. We support organizations in becoming more aware of their social and environmental impact to introduce changes and innovative solutions.

Paweł Niziński

CEO, Better (B Lab Local Partner)

Wojciech Bagiński

CEO Bagiński PRO, B Lab Local Partner

Contact the local team

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