Our Team

B Lab Europe was founded in 2013 and oversees the growth of the B Corp movement in Europe. The team consists of five main departments: Certification, Markets Development, Programs, Communications and Community Engagement, and Operations.

Our Executive Director

In June 2022, Juliette Caulkins joined B Lab Europe as the new Executive Director. As the B Corp community continues to grow and diversify, Juliette is leading our pan-European network in building a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative global economy and demonstrating that business & social purpose go hand in hand.

Juliette Caulkins

Executive Director & Global Leadership Team (GLT) Voting Member (Management Board)


Our Certification team is supporting companies on their pathway to become Certified B Corporations, and thereby, is growing the B Corp community in Europe. But it doesn’t stop there. The team also works closely with B Lab’s global network to further optimize the certification process and the ability to service companies in Europe.

Joey van den Brink

Head of Certification

Faryaal Zaman

Certification Lead – Standards

Mattia Marini

Senior Certification Coordinator – Partnerships

Sadhbh Deegan

Senior MNC Certification Coordinator
Photo of Naomi Spreeuwers, MNC Certification Lead at B Lab Europe

Naomi Spreeuwers

MNC Certification Lead

João Góis

Senior Certification Coordinator
Ronit Rosenberg

Ronit Rosenberg

MNC Certification Trainee

Markets Development

Our Markets Development team works to expand the reach and accelerate the impact of the B Corp movement in Europe. They lead B Lab Europe’s partnerships in new markets, and support our European network with tools and expertise to drive growth with purpose.

Portrait of Sarah Garcia, B Lab Europe

Sarah Garcia

Head of Markets Development

Nicolás Gemio

Senior Markets Development Coordinator

Helena Birgusova

Senior Network Engagement Coordinator


Our Operations team supports financial and management processes to help ensure B Lab Europe’s efficiency and productivity in expanding the reach and accelerating the impact of the B Corp movement in Europe. They lead recruitment in new team members, performance management, compensation and company culture and support our European network to drive growth with purpose.

Claire Pace

Director of Operations (Management Board)

Jurre Immerzeel

Senior Finance Manager

Filip Smrekar Apih

Data Analyst

Mhairi Letcher

Senior Executive & Operations Strategic Business Advisor
Prerana Jajoo

Prerana Jajoo

Finance Coordinator
Malin Lorge, Organisational Development Trainee at B Lab Europe

Malin Lorge

People & Culture Coordinator

Communications & Community Engagement

Our Communications team supports the growing European B Corp community by advocating for business as a force for good and a better economic system and amplifying B Corps’ voices and actions.

Our Community Engagement team coordinates the growing European B Corp community, by fostering engagement, opportunities for collaboration, and collective action, and enabling different networks to connect smoothly and to create a better economic system.

Maria Correa

Head of Communications and Community Engagement

Lucia Baruzzi

Communications Manager

Gudrun Drexler

Senior Communications Coordinator
Julia Wolska Intern at B Lab Europe

Julia Wolska

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Bernardo Maza Stern

Community Engagement Lead


The Programs team is responsible for fostering innovation and developing new impact offerings beyond B Corp Certification to get more and more companies to adopt B Lab’s standards.

Neila Benamara

Head of Programs

Ségolène Montigny

Senior Programs Coordinator

Veronika Antalová

MNC Programs Lead


The Policy team is responsible for advocacy of stakeholder governance and embedding sustainability into corporate governance at the EU level.

Carlota de Paula Coelho

Carlota de Paula Coelho

Policy Lead

Lucia Baruzzi

Communications Manager

B Lab Europe Board

B Lab Europe is registered as a “Stichting” or Foundation under Dutch law. It has two boards, a Supervisory board with responsibility for strategy, CEO appointment, and financial matters, and a Management Board that oversees the execution of the strategy and policy of B Lab Europe.

Tom Cummings

Founder Leading Ventures (Chair of the Supervisory Board)
Paolo Braguzzi

Paolo Braguzzi

Business Activist and Former CEO of Davines (Supervisory Board)

Zoe Burgess

Corporate Development Manager at COFRA (Supervisory Board)

Sandra Castañeda-Elena

Sustainability & ESG Strategist (Supervisory Board)

Leen Zevenbergen

Co-Founder B Lab Europe, Chairman Bolesian (Supervisory Board)

James Perry

Co-Founder B Lab UK, Chairman COOK (Supervisory Board)

Felicitas Von Peter

Managing Partner Active Philanthropy (Supervisory Board)

Juliette Caulkins

Executive Director & Global Leadership Team (GLT) Voting Member (Management Board)

Claire Pace

Director of Operations (Management Board)

Nurturing Employee Wellbeing and Impact

B Lab Europe believes in continuously advancing employees’ personal and professional development, well- being, and work-life balance by drawing from B Corps’ best practices. Benefits range from additional allowances to support health and wellbeing, extra time off to give back to the community, and flexible working to paid professional development and pension contributions plans.

Meet the Local Teams

B Lab Europe is coordinating and working closely with the European B Lab Network, which is composed of various local teams that support the growth of the B Corp movement at a national level in different European countries.

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