Finding your role

From individuals to business leaders and policymakers, everybody has a role to play in creating a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system.

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Transform your company from within

Every employee has the power to create change within their workplace. Regardless of whether your business is on its journey to become a B Corp, use our tools and resources or attend our events to find inspiration and actionable ways the company you work for can improve its impact.

transform academia books get involved

Transform Academia

transform academia books get involved

The Global B Corp Academic Community (B Academics) is a network of educators and researchers from around the world who are committed to accelerating the sustainable business movement by studying the global movement of B Corporation certification and benefit corporations.

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Transform your city

barcelona cities can b

Cities CAN B exist so that all the actors of the city — citizens, companies, government, entrepreneurs, social innovators, academics, and civil society organizations —can participate collaboratively in its sustainable development. Initiate the discussion with your local institution and harness the power of the extreme collaboration methodology developed by the Cities Can B team to contribute to the SDGs!

Become a B Leader

B Leaders is a training program to empower people who want to lead organizations through the B Corp certification and work with businesses to measure what matters.

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    Find out more about the Swiss community of B Leaders.

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    Find out more about the French community of B Leaders.