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B Lab Germany

B Lab Germany was founded at the end of 2020. As a non-profit organization and community of pioneers, it offers educational tools with which entrepreneurs can demonstrate and implement their social and environmental responsibility.

The Growth of the Movement

We are proud to have 50+ certified B Corporations from 12 sectors in our community. Beyond this number, many committed people ensure that we turn the vision of a new, stakeholder-oriented economy into reality. Our community consists of over 200 members in companies and over 1,000 companies that use the B Impact Assessment as a digital sustainability management and improvement tool.

  • 8.820 +
    Companies Globally
  • 108
    B Corps in Germany
  • 12
    Industries in Germany
  • 1
    Unifying goal

B Corps in Germany

How do we drive change in Germany

The German B Corp movement is aimed at responsible entrepreneurs from every industry:  founders and their employees as well as representatives from like-minded organizations, media, science and politics. It is a movement with the aim of establishing a responsible, ecologically sustainable and socially fair economy as the new status quo.

  • The B Impact Assessment

    The heart of the B Corp movement is the B Impact assessment. It is a free tool that businesses use to measure their activities regarding Stakeholders. This is measured thoroughly in five dimensions.

  • Spreading the word at collaborative events

    Increase awareness via events, conference participation, and media relations in close collaboration with existing systems change organizations in Germany, such as the Economy for Common Good in Bayern.

  • B Leaders

    The B Leaders are an active and supportive community that contributes to the growth of the B Corp movement in Germany. B Leaders are trained by B Lab and guide companies in their journey of becoming a B Corporation.

  • Educating consumers

    Initiated from the German B Corp community, B Lab Germany together with certified B Corps Danone DACH and &why developed an interactive experience to help consumers learn more about the B Corp movement and how they can make a change by choosing better.

B Lab Germany Team

B Lab Germany was founded at the end of 2020 as a non-profit organization and community of entrepreneurs, offering educational services and tools which any company can use to manage and improve its environmentally conscious and socially responsible business practices. The B Lab Germany team is happy to help answer any questions related to the certification process.

Andrew Green Managing Director at B Lab Germany

Andrew Green

Managing Director

Mathieu Mohorcic

Business Development & Certification Manager

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