Emerging B Corp Markets

B Lab Europe is committed to expanding the reach and impact of the B Corp movement in new geographies, exploring ways in which B Lab’s tools and certification can be more relevant, accessible, and impactful to a wider range of businesses across the continent. With the help of inspiring businesses and leaders, we are working towards building a diverse and inclusive community of people using business as a force for good™.

Emerging B Corp Markets

Emerging B Corp markets are those where the B Corp movement is in its early and exciting stages of development. B Lab Europe’s Markets Development team is the central point of contact for prospective and existing B Corps, businesses, and individuals interested in the B Corp movement in these countries. We provide bespoke services across multiple topics–from certification guidance and support on the B Impact Assessment (BIA) to community engagement, partnerships, and training opportunities.


Emerging B Corp markets include:
Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Türkiye, and Ukraine.

European countries not listed are supported by our European Country Partner network.

European countries supported by B Lab Europe

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Part of a Global Movement

The European B Corp movement officially launched in 2015. Of the thousands of Certified B Corps in Europe and around the world, more than 55 are based in emerging B Corp markets. The momentum and opportunity for catalyzing a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy across new geographies has never been greater!

  • 55 +
    B Corps in Emerging Markets
  • 8.800 +
    Global Number of B Corps
  • 162
    Global Industries
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    Unifying Goal

B Corps in Emerging Markets

 Below, you can discover some of the pioneering B Corps from these regions.

The Markets Development team at B Lab Europe

B Lab Europe’s Markets Development team oversees the meaningful growth and development of the B Corp movement across new borders.

Portrait of Sarah Garcia, B Lab Europe

Sarah Garcia

Head of the Markets Development Department Partnerships & Markets Development

Helena Birgusova

Senior Markets Development Coordinator, Community, Communications & Business Development

Nicolás Gemio

Senior Markets Development Coordinator, Certification & Business Development

Ellis Hurtado

Markets Development Certification Coordinator, Certification & Business Development

How We Drive Change in Emerging Markets

Explore our ongoing initiatives to enhance the accessibility and impact of B Lab’s tools and certification in emerging B Corp markets. We engage extensively with local B Corps, supporters, advocates, and B Leaders, fostering a network of leaders and organizations who can support us in meeting the growing interest and demand in stakeholder governance, impact management, and B Corp Certification.

  • Certification Education & Training

    We provide comprehensive certification education and training to help businesses understand and navigate the B Corp certification process. This includes workshops, BIA bootcamps and support throughout the impact journey of organizations.

    We also organize B Leaders trainings, a learning experience for sustainability consultants and internal champions who want to acquire in-depth knowledge about the B Corp framework and the certification process. Our goal is to make the certification process clear and accessible, ensuring that companies are well-equipped to achieve and maintain their B Corp status.

  • Community Engagement

    We foster community engagement in emerging B Corp markets by creating collaborative opportunities such as virtual and in-person events. We coordinate communication campaigns like B Corp Month, run B Corp onboarding sessions, manage our B Community engagement platform, and support collective actions. We also provide tools and share best practices to help businesses in their community engagement efforts and make the most of their experience as a B Corp. Strengthening these community ties enhances the collective impact of B Corps, promoting a supportive ecosystem where businesses can learn from and support each other along their impact journey.

  • An Introductory Course to the B Corp Movement

    Discover our free online course offering an introduction to the B Corp movement. Gain insights from the B Lab Europe team and B Corps on kickstarting your B Corp journey through the B Impact Assessment, explore the certification process, and understand its benefits. It’s also an excellent resource for engaging employees in understanding the movement.

  • B Locals Türkiye

    B Locals are community hubs for B Corps, driven by volunteers dedicated to using business for positive change. B Locals are led by B Corps themselves and are designed to foster connection, enhance impact, and advocate for the B Corp Movement locally. In 2024, B Locals in Türkiye was launched, making it the first B Locals initiative in an emerging B Corp market.

    Interested in joining B Local Türkiye? Click on the link below if you are a Certified B Corp in Türkiye if you would like to get involved.

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B Leader Database

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Connect with one of our B Leaders who provide bespoke guidance to companies in emerging B Corp markets. B Leaders are sustainability professionals trained by B Lab, equipped with the tools and knowledge to guide businesses through the B Corp Certification process.

The next B Leaders training is set for September 2024, and the application process is currently closed. If you’re interested in participating in future trainings, please fill out this form to receive updates.


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