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B Corp Movement in Portugal

As part of the global B Corp movement, we believe business can and should be a force for good, contributing to a better world. In Portugal, we mobilize businesses towards collective action to address society’s most critical challenges.
2023 B Corp Community Event_Feb 9 at Academia de Código_Photo by Academia de Código6

The Growth of the Movement

The B Corp movement took root in Portugal in 2015 with the support of IES and keeps growing ever since. To date, the local B Corp community consists of businesses of different sizes and diverse industries: Over 20 Certified B Corporations, multiple international B Corporations present in Portugal and several Pending B Corporations.

  • 6.500 +
    Companies Globally
  • 28
    B Corps in Portugal
  • 10
    Industries in Portugal
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    Unifying goal

B Corps in Portugal

How do we drive change in Portugal

The B Corp movement in Portugal has established several initiatives and partnerships to transform the local and global economy towards one that benefits all people, communities, and the planet.

  • B Corp Community: Exchange & Collective Action

    Our diverse community of purpose-driven businesses interacts and meets regularly to learn from each other, exchange experiences, and drive collective action. Together, we work on joint projects ranging from social justice to climate action initiatives.

  • Collaborations with Academia

    Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. That is why the B Corp movement in Portugal is partnering with various universities to nurture and promote sustainable business from the start.

  • Collaborations with Business & Impact Accelerators

    To broaden our impact, we regularly co-create training sessions, workshops, and seminars that allow the wider business community and other organizations to get to know the B Corp movement, its members, and its tools.

  • National Public Policy Work

    With the expertise of Certified B Corp Abreu Advogados and the support of the Portuguese B Corp community, we are advocating for the adoption of a new legal status for purpose-driven companies in Portugal.

Upcoming Events in Portugal


Nathalie Ballan, Founding Partner & CEO of Sair da Casca

Nathalie Ballan

Founding Partner & CEO at Sair da Casca

Becoming a B Corp took us to reflect on all aspects of our business and identify improvement priorities to always maximize our positive impact. We've moved from a declarative position to building evidence - a much more demanding process than a set of intentions. It was the principle of ‘walk the talk’.

Photo of Rita Marques, ImpacTrip

Rita Marques

Founder & CEO at ImpacTrip

The B Corp certification for us is a solid form of credibility for our non-profit partners and employees. It is the validation and expression of our impact mission and the sense of belonging to a like-minded community.

B Corp Movement Team in Portugal

As the B Corp community in Portugal grows, we need to rely on the power of partnerships to go from an entrepreneur-led momentum to having a multi-faceted team on the ground. In 2023, B Lab Europe will roll out a new chapter for the B Corp movement in Portugal. Throughout this interim period of transition, the B Lab Europe team is here to support the Portuguese community, foster a spirit of interdependence across the region and work together to create a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

Portrait of Sarah Garcia, B Lab Europe

Sarah Garcia

Head of Markets Development

Bernardo Maza Stern

Community Engagement Lead

Maria Correa

Head of Communications and Community Engagement

Gudrun Drexler

Senior Communications Coordinator


Here you can find the latest reports from the B Corp movement in Portugal and further relevant information regarding initiatives relevant to the B Corp movement. Follow our page to keep up to date with our latest news.

Summary: The B Corp Movement in Portugal (PT)

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the B Corp community in Portugal and outlines the benefits and reasons for becoming a B Corp.

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