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B Lab Ireland was founded in 2023 to oversee the growth of the B Corp movement in Ireland. We are part of an international nonprofit network that creates economic systems change through standards, policies, tools, and programs, and certifies companies—known as B Corps—who are leading the way.

B Lab Ireland

The Growth of the Movement

Globally, there are now over 7,700 B Corps employing over 690,000 people in 92 countries. In Ireland, we proudly have over 25 B Corps, with many more in the certification process and 500+ businesses actively utilising B Lab’s impact measurement tools in the past 12 months. Ireland is now home to one of the world’s fastest-growing B Corp communities!

  • 8.920 +
    Companies Globally
  • 47
    B Corps in Ireland
  • 162
  • 1
    Unifying goal

B Corps in Ireland

How do we drive change in Ireland

Together, with our community of B Corps, B Lab Ireland is dedicated to mobilizing the Irish business community to use business as a force for good™.

  • Thriving B Corp Community

    Ireland is home to a thriving community of B Corps, all united by a shared vision: to harness the power of business to transform our economic system to benefit all people and the planet. At B Lab Ireland, we mobilise our B Corp community towards collective action and facilitate meaningful collaborations among Irish B Corps that balance profit and purpose, to create a lasting impact.

  • Intro to B Corp webinars and events

    In collaboration with our strategic partners, we organise both in-person and online ‘Intro to B Corp’ events. These events are open to anyone interested in the B Corp movement, offering an opportunity to expand their knowledge and connect with like-minded peers.
    Stay updated on future events by signing up for our newsletter and joining us on LinkedIn.

  • B Corp Bootcamps

    Bootcamps are designed to bring SMEs through B Corp certification in a collaborative and cost-effective group setting. Bootcamps are organised and run by experienced B Leaders in Ireland. To learn more about upcoming bootcamp sessions, and their start dates, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.

  • B Leader Training

    Our B Leader training provides sustainability professionals with the essential tools and knowledge to guide businesses through the B Corp certification process. This comprehensive training program includes a two-day in-person session focusing on the B Corp principles and B Lab’s impact measurement tools.

    Interested in attending our next B Leader training? Please fill out our below interest form.

  • State Funding to support B Corp certification

    Irish companies can access state funding to hire external consultants to support their B Corp certification journey.

    GreenStart: Enterprise Ireland, LEO, and IDA clients can apply for this grant to hire an experienced external consultant (B Leader) to help deliver their B Corp certification. They can hire a consultant for a period of 7 days at a daily rate of €900. The funding covers 80% (€5000), and the company is responsible for the remaining 20% (€1300).

    GreenPlus: Larger Enterprise Ireland and IDA clients can apply for this grant to support a more comprehensive change project to achieve B Corp certification. The funding covers up to 50% of eligible costs, with a maximum grant of €50,000.

    To fully understand the eligibility criteria, contact your Development Adviser if you are an EI client, your Project Executive if you are an IDA client, or refer to the LEO website if you are a LEO client.

  • Stakeholder Governance Legislation

    In alignment with our global partners, enacting stakeholder governance legislation into Irish law is a key priority for B Lab Ireland. Currently, we are developing key partnerships across various sectors, including government, industry, academia, and non-profit organisations.

B Lab Ireland Team

The B Lab Ireland team is incredibly passionate about building a strong, engaged community of Irish B Corps. They are always happy to connect and foster collaborative initiatives.

James McManus_B Lab Ireland

James McManus

Claire Mac Evilly_B Lab Ireland

Claire Mac Evilly

Strategic Advisor
Chloe Healy_B Lab Ireland

Chloe Healy

Community Coordinator

B Leader Database

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