B Corp Movement in Switzerland

The B Lab Switzerland chapter was officially launched in 2017. Since then, more than 90 Swiss companies have become certified B Corporations by meeting high standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

B Lab Switzerland

The Growth of the Movement

The Swiss B Corp community reflects the rich cultural diversity of the country. With more than 21 industries represented and companies of all sizes in three different linguistic regions make the B Corp Switzerland community unique.

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    Companies Globally
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    B Corps in Switzerland
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    Industries in Switzerland
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B Corps in Switzerland

How do we drive change in Switzerland

B Lab Switzerland has developed several programs to promote a transition to a more sustainable economy that benefits both people and the planet.

  • Swiss Triple Impact

    Developed by B Lab Switzerland, the Swiss Triple Impact (STI) is a unique national program that helps Swiss companies of all sizes and sectors make concrete, three-step commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • B Academy

    B Academy programs aim to deepen students’ knowledge of sustainability and provide them with tools and case studies to solve entrepreneurial challenges. It offers a variety of curricula on ESG strategic management, impact measurement, and inclusive business pathways.

  • B Leaders

    B Leaders is a training program for professionals who want to help companies measure and manage their social and environmental impact. It provides a theoretical foundation and practical methods for individuals who want to lead their organizations to the B Corp certification.

  • Swiss Boards for Agenda 2030 (#SBA2030)

    B Lab Switzerland and InTent have developed the Swiss Boards for Agenda 2030 (#SBA2030), an alliance of CEOs and board members committing their companies to take action by training two third of their board to sustainability, changing company bylaws to enhance social and environmental responsibility, making credible commitments on the SDGs and attending an annual #sba2030 roundtable to engage in collective actions.


"We have a Plan B": B Corp Awareness Campaign in Switzerland

“Plan B” to Raise Awareness and Break out of the Status Quo

B Lab Switzerland launched its first awareness campaign called "Plan B" at the end of B Corp Month 2023. The initiative was carried out in collaboration with 13 Swiss B Corps and aims to spark a dialogue about essential changes in our economic system, as well as the role that businesses can and must play as catalysts for change.


Alina Swirski

Country Manager at Too Good to Go

B Corp is a powerful way to demonstrate that we care about the effect we have on the wider world. We fight food waste and have sustainability at our core. We are also growing fast and B Corp is a useful framework for ensuring that we retain this sustainability.

Patrick Odier

Managing Partner at Lombard Odier

Sustainability is deeply embedded in our DNA and our investment offering. Being a B Corp emphasizes the message that the financial industry can be a powerful catalyst towards economic sustainability.

Dan & Galina Witting

Founders at Baabuk

At Baabuk we feel honored to be part of the B Corp movement. The community is a true guide and companion on the path to always improve on our People, Planet and Product efforts.

Reto Ringger

Founder & CEO at Globalance Bank

Actions speak louder than words in terms of credibility, especially in our sector. We founded Globalance to drive a paradigm shift in asset management. With the B Corp certification, we let independent third parties speak for us.

B Lab Switzerland Team

B Lab Switzerland is composed of about twenty employees, with various fields of expertise and diverse experiences.

Jonathan Normand

CEO & Founder

Josephine Herzig

Co-Director Engagement Programs

Jean-Robert Jorda

Co-Director Engagement Programs

Patrick Headon

Senior Lead Engagement and Certification

Sébastien Chahidi

Certification Lead & B Academy Programs Manager

Suzanne Letren

Communications Co-Lead & Engagement

Annina Schamberger

Head of Communications Marketing & Public Affairs


At B Lab Switzerland, we continuously produce reports to assess our activities, results and objectives. Follow our page to keep up to date on our latest news.

B Lab Switzerland: 2021 Annual Report

2021 was a turning point for B Lab in Switzerland. It has not only been a year of growth with 62 B Corps in Switzerland, +1000 companies joining our introduction program sessions and 230 members registered in our national program on the SDGs, the Swiss Triple Impact.

B Academy Report

Covering our academic collaborations, the Report builds on B Academy's teaching offerings to present our vision for the future of education.

B Leaders Report

The B Leaders Report provides a comprehensive overview of our B Leaders training-related activities since 2018.

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