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How far, how fast, can an organization reduce its carbon emissions? What is needed to design the change and see it implemented? ?

The B Corp Way consultants are certified B Corps who have tried and tested ways to help companies both identify and reduce their narrow and broad carbon usage, as well as proposing alternative solutions across their own and their suppliers’ operations.

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Meet the B Corp Way partners with a track record in successfully working with companies to better manage their carbon usage and find alternative solutions.

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Greenheart Consulting

We are facilitators of positive impact, working with for-profit businesses to eliminate their harm and contribute to an economy that is socially and environmentally regenerative.

Grain Ltd

Grain’s mission is to help businesses become champions for people and the planet.


We enable organisations to address the triple threat of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.

Davidson consulting France & Switzerland

We provide professional services to entreprise (project management, IT transformation, engineering, carbon consultancy)


Manage your corporate sustainability journey at scale. GmbH

We are a strategy consultancy for sustainability. We work for those who really mean it.


Aktio supports companies in their low-carbon transition, with our carbon accounting SaaS platform, our expertise and our network of partners to reduce emissions.


NATIVA is the Regenerative Design Company that supports hundreds of companies in a radical business evolution, accelerating their transition towards regenerative economic models.


For 3 decades, Utopies has been “opening new paths” for sustainability in business, by raising awareness of corporate leaders, fostering sustainable practices and promoting positive impact strategies.

Our other offerings

Discover all of our available services to support you in your impact journey! From committing to reduce your carbon emissions to radically changing your business model, our B Corp Way partners have developed tools and methodologies to guide you.

BIA Advisory

Struggling to complete the B Impact Assessment? Know where your gaps are and need help to improve impact? Find support here.

Work with certified partners

Each of our partners offers services based on their expertise.

B in the Boardroom

Provide board members and executive directors with the knowledge, the vision and the suitable tools to catalyze change in your company!

Radical Transformation

To move from a shareholder led company to a stakeholder driven business requires a complete refocus of a company’s activities, business model, and all its operations.

SDGs and the B

Meet our B Corp professionals who provide strategic recommendations for using the SDGs to help quantify and manage your business impacts.

Marketing and Communication

Adapt both your internal and external marketing messaging to communicate the multi stakeholder-led ethos of the B Corp movement.

B Corp Way: B Legal

B Legal

Get legal advice from local corporate law experts to reflect purpose-led changes in your company's legal documentation (e.g. when becoming a B Corp).

B Corp Way: Corporate B Activism

Corporate B Activism

Take a stand on social and political issues and support policy change to push for a more inclusive and fairer European legislation on business.

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