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B Corp Movement in Italy

Since 2013, B Corps have been promoting a new business model in Italy through information, activism, education, events and dialogue with institutions. A success guaranteed by Italian companies’ desire for innovation and their economic tradition.

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The Growth of the Movement

After the first certified company in 2013, the movement in Italy has grown steadily. Today, thanks to the B Corp model, hundreds of Italian entrepreneurs and managers are discovering and embracing tools to align their company’s actions with a inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system

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B Corps in Italy

How do we drive change in Italy

Interdependence is a core value for B Corp. Italian certified companies carry out joint actions to multiply the value they generate.

  • #UnlockTheChange

    Since 2020, the #UnlockTheChange communication campaign has been raising awareness among the Italian public on the importance of companies’ role in solving the environmental and social problems of our time and on the centrality of individual choices.

  • Education

    Investing in future generations is key to achieving change. B Corp, together with stakeholders of the Italian education ecosystem, launched #UnlockEducation, the open and free sustainability education campaign for young Italian people.

  • Working Groups

    Since 2021, B Corps have been running working groups to share best practices – also with non-certified companies – on Gender Equality, Carbon Neutrality and Education.

  • Events and exhibitions

    B Corps work to spread a more responsible, sustainable and transparent business model. That is why they share their experience and best practices at numerous events and exhibitions around the world.

  • Benefit Corporation (Società Benefit)

    In Italy, all certified companies must also become Benefit Corporations (Società Benefit), formalizing in their articles of association a purpose that goes beyond mere profit and thus protecting this corporate mission in the long term.

B Corp Movement Team in Italy

Nativa is Country Partner of B Lab in Italy. It is in charge of promoting the B Corp model and its tools and coordinating the activities of the movement in Italy.


É uscito il primo documento sulla parità di genere delle B Corp italiane!

Il working group italiano dedicato al tema mette a sistema e rende disponibili metodologie e buone pratiche verso l'uguaglianza di genere.

Davines, i 40 anni e la sua grande lezione come B Corp

Today the Davines S.p.A. turns 40. An important milestone, reflecting on the fact that many companies do not survive the transition between the first and second generation of entrepreneurs. An important milestone considering that forty years seem like an eternity compared to increasingly "short" times, to the tyranny of the short-term that is rampant in the economy and above all in finance.

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