B Corp Movement in Spain

Back in 2015 Roots For Sustainability (R4S) is chosen as a Country Partner of B Lab to represent the B Corp movement in Spain. In 2019 the B Lab Spain Foundation is established and the community has now grown to over 200 B Corps.
B Lab Spain

The Growth of the Movement

The Spanish B Corp community keeps growing with now over 5,000 companies having used the B Impact Assessment in Spain to measure and improve their impact and average growth of 30% year on year in companies that reached B Corp Status, we now have a community of over 110 B Corps.

  • 8.820 +
    Companies Globally
  • 226
    B Corps in Spain
  • 20
    Industries in Spain
  • 1
    Unifying goal

B Corps in Spain

How do we drive change in Spain

Together, the community of B Corps and our partners, are generating systemic change that is allowing us to build an equitable, inclusive and regenerative economy for all people and the planet. Over 100 B Corps from the most diverse sectors and sizes now form this Spanish community, strongly connected and interdependent with the rest of the Global network.

  • Public Agenda

    B Lab works together with other actors in the impact ecosystem to promote changes in European and national regulations that allow promoting a new business model that balances economic benefits with social and environmental value. Get to know our public agenda initiatives!

  • Ciudades + B

    Cities + B is a global movement that seeks to mobilize SDGs in cities. To accelerate the changes that will allow us to reverse the present crisis, we promote programs in which cities are involved in the development of challenges to improve the social and environmental impact of companies in a city.

  • Comunidades Locals B

    B Communities in Spain promote the B Corp movement from the local level. Co-led voluntarily by B Corps and other stakeholders who promote and strengthen the positive impact, Communities B create connections, increase the positive impact, and sensitize society about the B economy in the Autonomous Communities.

  • B Leaders – Multiplicadores B

    Multiplicadores B are drivers and agents of change that are helping in the necessary but complex transition of large, medium and small companies to new impact business models. They do so through Impact Assessment B, the impact measurement tool used by more than 190,000 companies worldwide.

  • B Academics

    B Lab aspires to create a bridge between the B Corp movement and academia. From this aspiration arises B Academics: a global academic community of researchers and professors that works together with B Lab to accelerate business transformation through the study of the B Corp movement.


Meinrad Spenger

CEO at Grupo Más Móvil

The process to become a B Corp helped us understand our performance with the environment, customers, suppliers, employees and governance and allowed us to identity and implement improvements and future strategies to exceed the high standards required by B Lab

Rosa Horri

Comms & Sustainability Director at Chiesi España

The fact of being B Corp, as a company and as people who work in a B Corp, has fostered our pride in belonging and has allowed us to attract talent to the company.

María del Sel

Consultant at Roots For Sustainability

In the B Corp Community there is enormous potential to find synergies, share knowledge, good practices and much more. The feeling of collaboration is enormous.

B Lab Spain Team

United by a passion to serve, promote and grow the B Corp Community and its impact, the team at B Lab has been growing from 2 people back in 2015 to what is now a powerful talented community of B People.

Pablo Sanchez

Executive Director

Sofia Isasmendi

Projects and Large Companies

Valentina Demori

Community Builder

Joan Olivella

Pipeline Manager

Montse Sellarès


Marta Llobet


Laura Ferré

Local Communities and Projects

Daniel Truran

B Corp Ambassador


Contact the local team

You can find more information about B Lab Spain, the Spanish B Corp Community and activities at the dedicated website:

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