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Forbes_Resetting The DNA Of Business_ B Lab Europe

Forbes: Resetting The DNA Of Business

Over the past decade, there has been consistent progress across many jurisdictions in passing legislation that widens the scope of corporate responsibility beyond the interests of financial shareholders.

B Corp movement arrives in Albania

B Corp movement arrives in Albania

Across the globe, a group of visionary corporates is working to reshape the global economic system in favour of equality and sustainability: B Corp movement

Making The World A Better Place Using Chocolate As A Tool For Change

Making The World A Better Place Using Chocolate As A Tool For Change

There is something special about chocolate. But beyond the joy that comes from the experience of eating chocolate, the industry has also been exposed for poor labor conditions and environmental degradation. So it is important for chocolate companies to take their responsibility all the way back to the origin or the raw materials, starting with the farmers in the field who take pride in nurturing their crops and maintaining a legacy for their families. Making the connection from field to finished product is at the heart of Luker Chocolate.

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59 companies that are changing the world

Fortune’s annual Change the World list highlights companies that are doing well by doing good. It showcases leading for-profit companies that have made an important social or environmental impact, and we're excited for all the B Corps who made the list, including: + Too Good To Go + Patagonia + Cotopaxi + Octopus Energy

Belén Viloria

Belén Viloria, new executive director of the B Corp movement in Spain

Viloria is also a mentor for social entrepreneurs, and a member of the Jury of the social category of the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards, among others.

In pursuit of B Corp cerrtification

In pursuit of B Corp certification

The finance function plays an integral role in achieving B Corp certification, a standard that helps businesses demonstrate commitment to an increasingly environmentally and socially conscious world

Vogue: Angelina Jolie on B Corp Certification

Vogue: Angelina Jolie on Launching Atelier Jolie, Chloe and B Corp Certification

“I didn’t realize just how few B Corp fashion companies there are out there aside from Chloé,” she says with a sigh as we ride over to Hearst’s studio in Chelsea. (B Corp certification is awarded to companies that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.) “Gaby’s worked really hard,” Jolie adds. “It’s no small feat.” She’s not wrong: Thanks to Hearst, the French house became, in 2021, the first luxury fashion brand to earn B Corp status.

Tara Shine from Irish Certified B Corp Change by Degrees

The Irish Times: ‘B Corp’ status vital for firms keen to mark sustainability credentials

Irish companies wishing to demonstrate their sustainability credentials and legitimacy, should aim for B Corp Certification, according to environmental consultant.

DiCaprio-Backed Cultivated Meat Company First To Gain B Corp Certification

DiCaprio-Backed Cultivated Meat Company First To Gain B Corp Certification

Dutch cultured beef company Mosa Meat announced on September 7 to be able to join the global community of businesses meeting high standards of social and environmental impact as it became a Certified B Corporation™.

James McManus at the event in Ireland

What is B Corp? The nuts and bolts behind one of many ESG standards

Complex standards and mixed messaging are threatening businesses with sustainability overload. Having trained to facilitate one of the certifications available, B Corp, Lorcan Bannon explains why he believes this process can help lift the fog of ambiguity.



You've surely seen it on some of your favorite cosmetics, but do you really know what B corp certification means?

Fairtrade and B Lab's collaboration

Fairtrade and B Lab target improved due diligence

The Fairtrade Foundation has partnered with global nonprofit B Lab on a new guide to support small companies in their human rights and environmental due diligence.

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