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ZEIT für Unternehmer – B Corp: An Endurance Test for Ambitious Businesses [DE]

More than 100 German businesses are Certified B Corps. Why do medium-sized companies take this on?


Do you want to achieve a B Corp certification like Patagonia? These founders explain how they did it [DE]

Founder of Ostrom have just gone through the months-long process of achieving B Corp certification. Explore their tips on how to go through certification process.

Another-Tomorrow B Corp Angelina Jolie

Women's Wear Daily – Angelina Jolie Joins Certified B Corp Another Tomorrow as a Strategic Advisor

Angelina Jolie has joined the advisory board of B Corp Another Tomorrow, the company founded by former finance executive Vanessa Barboni Hallik, as Strategic Advisor.

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Beyond the logo: Delving into B Corp awareness in Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

Dedicated to steering the global economy towards one that benefits all people, communities, and the planet, B Corps have been independently certified to go beyond business as usual and proactively meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Matthijs Germs (Nexio Projects): ‘Redefining Business Success: The Case for B Corp Certification’

To B or Not to B, is the question for sustainability managers and organisations looking for ways to showcase their commitment to sustainable practices.

B Lab Spain

Future is written with “B”: this is how the business movement that wants to change the world works [ES]

B for sustainability, B for the future, B for social commitment, B for leaving no one behind. B Corp is a collective movement of companies, investors, institutions and activists that is committed to a better world and acts to achieve it

Haufe – BIA: Das operative Herzstück der B Corps

Das B Impact Assessment ist ein Instrument, mit dem Unternehmen die Auswirkungen ihrer Geschäftstätigkeit auf Mensch und Umwelt messen können. Es ist Teil der Zertifizierung als „B Corp“, kann aber auch genutzt werden, um einen Organisationsentwicklungsprozess anzustoßen.

Forbes – Companies and sustainability? The best is a third-party guarantee, says this greenfluencer in the podcast with Danone

Ivan Holub, director of sustainable development at B Corp Danone for Central and Eastern Europe, and Natália Pažická, a green influencer, came to discuss sustainability and business in the Forbes BrandVoice podcast.

Becoming a B Corp: Five Benefits Highlighted

More and more organizations are becoming B Corp. What motivates companies to join the network of companies committed to positive change? And what are the most important benefits? We talked about it with Matthijs Germs from sustainability consultancy Nexio Projects.

B Corp: operational improvement with social and environmental impact

With more than 8,000 organizations enrolled around the world and 256 in Spain, the B Corp movement is a long-term oriented solution that seeks to promote progress in terms of sustainability and management and ultimately contribute to the improvement of the social environment.

CSDDD Article

EU Policy. Governments support stripped-down corporate due diligence law

After weeks of uncertainty, new EU rules on sustainable supply chains seem likely to pass into law, which B Lab Europe has been advocating together with Interdependence coalition.

European impact entrepreneurs unite in call for EU policymakers to support economic ‘paradigm shift’

A new coalition of business networks, that includes in B Lab Europe, is campaigning for the EU to better support the social economy and to transform business models to develop a sustainable economy. In a manifesto to be launched later today in Brussels, the Business for a Better Tomorrow coalition will outline 22 proposals to develop more favourable regulations and laws for social enterprises, and accelerate fundamental changes to the economy.

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