From updates from B Lab to stories in the press, there are our latest news stories. As the B Corp Movement grows around the world, it also sparks more conversations around new ways of doing business across the globe, and we hope to continue to amplify the work of our B Corps and influence public discourse.

B Lab Updates

Text saying "1000 B Corps in Europe"

Celebrating over 1,000 B Corps in Europe

Voices from our European network reflect on the milestone of over 1,000 B Corps in Europe and its ripple effect of change.

Share your feedback on the draft of the new standards for B Corp Certification

Contribute to the evolution of the B Corp standards.

Is your business living up to its SDG commitments?

B Lab’s Insights team looks to new research and data from the SDG Action Manager to understand what is holding companies back, and how they can evolve to truly support the 2030 Agenda.

An open letter to the B Corp community

B Lab Global’s Lead Executive addresses concerns about how B Lab is balancing the growth of our community and the rigor of our standards.

B Lab in the news

Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company

A half century after founding the outdoor apparel maker Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, the eccentric rock climber who became a reluctant billionaire with his unconventional spin on capitalism, has given the company away.

Augustin Boulot (B Corp) : “Une des vraies spécificités de B Corp est la reconnaissance des modèles d’affaires à impact"

Le mouvement et label B Corp est de plus en plus prisé par les entreprises françaises engagées. Guide ou chemin de transformation pour certains, label grand public pour d’autres, nous avons souhaité décrypter le succès de B Corp pour vous. Rencontre avec Augustin Boulot, le délégué général de l’association B Lab en France.

La vanguardia de la sostenibilidad fija el camino a seguir

La cita anual del movimiento B Corp en España, celebrada el 27 de mayo, reunió a compañías referentes en responsabilidad social y ambiental para debatir sobre la necesidad de una economía más comprometida con el planeta. Congregó a más de 350 asistentes y unas 200 organizaciones.

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Text saying "1000 B Corps in Europe"

Celebrating over 1,000 B Corps in Europe

Voices from our European network reflect on the milestone of over 1,000 B Corps in Europe and its ripple effect of change.

An update on the moratorium in response to the invasion of Ukraine

August 29, 2022

B Corp : aussi cool qu’exigeant?

B Corp n’en finit plus de séduire les entreprises françaises ; le label importé des États-Unis s’est imposé comme la référence indispensable des entreprises engagées.

What’s The True Cost Of Your Food? True Price Incorporates Social And Environmental Impact

Rising prices at the grocery store have many of us paying more attention to the cost of our food, and how systems that feel outside of our control influence those prices.

Natural skincare and biodynamic farming with B Corp Weleda

Founded over a century ago (yes, you read that right), Swiss-based Weleda is a leading manufacturer of certified organic and natural skincare and medicines for anthroposophic therapy.


Por segundo año consecutivo, el mundo ya no está realizando avances en los ODS. Para restaurar y acelerar el progreso, necesitamos la cooperación global de todos los agentes, especialmente de las empresas. Por ese motivo, el ‘movimiento B Corp’ es pionero en su trabajo hacia cumplir las metas de la Agenda 2030.

Behemoths and B Corps: Multinationals’ Role in the Stakeholder Economy

Several global brands have now achieved B Corp certification, leading some to criticize certifier B Lab for abandoning its original mission: Making business a force for good. But, as advocates point out, welcoming multinationals into the B Corp family is a logical step in scaling systemic change.

El Congreso aprueba la figura legal de las Empresas Con Propósito

La creación de la nueva figura jurídica que reconocerá las Empresas Con Propósito – las Sociedades de Beneficio e Interés Común (SBIC) – está recogida, a través de una enmienda transaccional, en la Ley Crea y Crece aprobada hoy

Guiding B Corps through the new living wage era

How the living wage space is evolving, and our new application guidance for B Corps.

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