From updates from B Lab to stories in the press, there are our latest news stories. As the B Corp Movement grows around the world, it also sparks more conversations around new ways of doing business across the globe, and we hope to continue to amplify the work of our B Corps and influence public discourse.

B Lab Updates

B Corp Month 2023 Announcement

B Corp Month 2023 | Press Release

March marks the beginning of an annual celebration of all Certified B Corporations around the world known as B Corp Month. This year, #WeGoBeyond

Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Relief

We have reached out to our community of B Corps in the region, who have shared some valuable resources below to help with relief efforts from around the world.

Improving the certification process while maintaining its rigor

B Lab Europe taps Seismic to address growth and wait times in the B Corp Certification process

B Lab in the news

It's B Corp Month: Why your company should strive to become one

The design industry is slowly waking up to the idea of getting B Corp certifications, making social and environmental impact as important as profit. What exactly does the certification entail and why should design companies be interested? This is the first of two articles deep-diving into B Corp.

Power to the (business) people: Why we must celebrate the workers driving positive change

It is important to recognise and applaud the individuals collectively working to challenge the status quo in business, argues Natura & Co's Char Love

Why Community Is the B Corp Movement’s Biggest Strength

Over the past two decades, BLVR has evolved from a small digital agency to a global company specializing in rebranding, new brand creation, and brand amplification for purpose-driven businesses.

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É uscito il primo documento sulla parità di genere delle B Corp italiane!

Il working group italiano dedicato al tema mette a sistema e rende disponibili metodologie e buone pratiche verso l'uguaglianza di genere.

B Corp Supermarket Veritas for B Corp Month 2023

B Corp llama a la ciudadanía a votar cada día

Este marzo está en marcha el B Corp Month, la campaña global de concienciación de este movimiento sobre el poder del consumo ético

B Lab France in the news – Los echos

Entreprises à « impact » : comment rendre la radicalité désirable?

Opinion piece featuring Augustin Boulot, Thomas Breuzard and Camila Garcia Quijano from B Lab France

Davines, i 40 anni e la sua grande lezione come B Corp

Today the Davines S.p.A. turns 40. An important milestone, reflecting on the fact that many companies do not survive the transition between the first and second generation of entrepreneurs. An important milestone considering that forty years seem like an eternity compared to increasingly "short" times, to the tyranny of the short-term that is rampant in the economy and above all in finance.

How B Corp certification can help you attract and retain talent

As part of edie’s Business Leadership month, Seismic outlines how the B Corp movement can help businesses retain talent during a time when climate quitting is becoming a growing problem for businesses of all sizes.

B Corp co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert: "Our momentum is accelerating, and this transformation is happening, out of necessity"

We started B Lab because we were inspired by entrepreneurs who were using business as a force for good. As others followed their lead, those business leaders needed something to help the marketplace distinguish between good companies and just good marketing. With that market mechanism in place at scale in the form of the B Corp certification, it makes it easier for all of us to support good companies that reflect our values. We can work for those companies, buy from those companies, and invest in those companies.

Il made in Italy scommetta sul beauty, siamo una forza del Paese

Eravamo una bottega di famiglia da un milione di euro, quarant’anni fa, negli ultimi trent’anni siamo cresciuti del 19% l’anno concedendoci il lusso di non essere quotati e non avere investitori che chiedono ritorni economici immediati: non si concilierebbero con il nostro approccio sostenibile», dice a L’Economia Davide Bollati, presidente di Davines, gruppo di Parma evoluzione della «bottega di famiglia» avviata nel 1983 dal padre Gianni con la moglie Silvana: un’attività di fabbricazione su licenza di prodotti per capelli.

People from B Corps coming together to drive positive change through collective action

The B Corp movement is a major success in the rise of stakeholder capitalism

Sam Zindel of digital agency Propellernet charts the recent history of the ‘stakeholder capitalism’ movement, arguing that it has hit a major milestone with the wide adoption of B Corp status.

El movimiento B Corp crece en España y mejora el impacto que generan las empresas

In 2022, 90 companies joined a change in the business model that seeks to generate a positive impact in all sectors and that brings together more than 200 organizations in Spain.

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