Search for a Partner to Lead the B Corp movement in Portugal

B Lab Europe announces its search for a partner to lead the B Corp movement in Portugal.
Portugal flag with text saying "A new Chapter for the B Corp movement in Portugal"

In October 2022, B Lab Europe established a Market Development team, responsible for developing and deploying B Lab Europe’s meaningful growth strategy. As part of this strategy, B Lab Europe is exploring new and innovative types of partnerships that will catalyze and inclusively scale the movement across the continent.


Since the first B Corp certified in Portugal in 2015, the movement has grown to a vibrant and diverse community of 28 companies committed to using business as a force for good. Together representing more than 10 industries and employing almost 3,000 people, the B Corp community in Portugal is leading the way in showing that a different kind of economy is not only possible but necessary. Celebrating the achievements of the last 8 years, the movement is poised for its next stage of scale and impact across the country.


It is at this pivotal moment that B Lab Europe is excited to launch a request for proposals to select a local partner that can build on the community’s achievements to date and spearhead the B Corp movement in Portugal.


Who are we looking for?


  • Organizations committed to the mission and values of the B Corp movement
  • Recognition, credibility, and an extensive network in the Portuguese impact space
  • Experienced in community building/mobilization & stakeholder engagement
  • Strong influencers and communicators
  • Entrepreneurial, with the ability to leverage a multidisciplinary team and/or network
  • Rooted in the spirit of interdependence, the ability to work in a collaborative network setting


See full RfP requirements and application instructions here.

Portrait of Sarah Garcia, B Lab Europe

Based on the requirements listed, candidates are asked to submit a 2-year market development and engagement plan for the B Corp movement in Portugal to Sarah Garcia, Head of Markets Development at B Lab Europe:


Submission deadline: May 22, 2023


We look forward to hearing from you!

Members of the Portuguese B Corp community gathering at Certified B Corp Code For All, 2023