New leadership for the B Corp movement in Portugal

B Lab Europe introduces its new partners to lead the growing B Corp community in Portugal and spearhead the growth and impact of the movement in the country

A New Chapter for B Corps in Portugal


Lisbon, 31st of October 2023 – B Lab Europe, part of the global network behind the B Corp movement and certification, today announces an exciting new phase for B Lab Portugal’s leadership. A consortium of three companies – Sair da Casca, Felicidad Collective, and Maze – led by Laetitia Arrighi de Casanova, with more than 25 years of experience in the consulting sector, will now take the lead of the vibrant B Corp community in Portugal. 

A group of people who are all part of the B Corp movement in Portugal

Portuguese Community Meet-up at Academia de Código in Lisbon (2023)

The Portuguese B Corp Community


Across Europe, the B Corp community has experienced significant growth throughout the past year (470+ new B Corps in 2022 alone). In Portugal, there are now more than 30 Portuguese B Corps and various multinational B Corps with operations in Portugal from different sectors and sizes, committed to using business as a force for good. The Portuguese community represents companies from different industries, such as innovation, services, finance, textile, tourism, and food. In terms of company size, the B Corp movement remains primarily composed of small and medium enterprises but in recent years has seen a rise in larger and multinational companies joining the movement around the globe. In Portugal, almost 70% of the B Corp community have under 49 employees, which reflects the structure of the national reality, and only 3% of the businesses have more than 1,000 employees.


B Lab Portugal – Community Roots & Global Vision


Present in Portugal for the past 8 years, and together representing more than 10 industries and employing nearly 3,000 people, the B Corp community is leading the way in showing that a different kind of economy is not only possible but necessary. Following the public RfP process in April 2023, B Lab Europe now welcomes a consortium formed by Sair da Casca (Certified B Corp), Felicidad Collective, and Maze (Certified B Corp) to lead the Portuguese B Corp community and spearhead the growth and impact of the movement in the country. 


The goals for the next two years are focused on strengthening four pillars:

  • Community Growth and Engagement,
  • Communications & Outreach,
  • Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement,
  • and Low-touch certification coordination.
Laetitia Arrighi de Casanova, Director B Lab Portugal

Laetitia Arrighi de Casanova, B Lab Portugal´s new director, has 20+ years of experience in strategic consulting. She supports leaders from various geographies in facing the challenges of growth, penetrating new markets, mergers, and acquisitions. Entrepreneur and founder of a health drinks company, for more than 10 years, has made her pragmatic in her approach to development.

Laetitia is driven by the desire to promote significant strategic changes in companies and her goal is to accelerate the transition from economy to sustainability by helping companies to define and implement new ways of doing business that allow them to achieve the triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet.

Meet the full B Lab Portugal team!

Laetitia Arrighi de Casanova

New Director at B Lab Portugal

We believe the B Corp movement can be a strategic piece to drive the change that needs to happen. This consortium marks a significant milestone for the B Corp movement in Portugal in our strategy to consolidate a vibrant, proud and active community, strengthening our credibility and our influence. I'm confident that today is a groundbreaking moment towards our vision of an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet.

Sarah Garcia

Head of Markets Development at B Lab Europe

The consortium's approach, rooted in a multidisciplinary and cross-cutting strategy, harnesses the unique expertise and extensive network of each of the participating organizations. Their commitment to furthering the B Corp movement in Portugal, which they have actively contributed to since 2019, positions them as pivotal players in this next chapter. The consortium's approach truly embodies the spirit and ethos of the B Corp movement. We are confident that, with the support of the vibrant B Corp community in Portugal, this leadership will open new and exciting doors for the movement.

Visit the B Lab Portugal page for more information about the B Corp movement in Portugal and to get in touch.