Are you interested in connecting with the B Corp community? The European network organizes conferences, talks, training, and webinars on different topics to update, engage and educate on the movement and its initiatives.

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5 Jun

B Lab Nordics: Become a B Corp

Are you curious about B Corp certification and the growing B Corp movement? Then this event is for you! This event will introduce you to the B Corp movement and the B Impact Assessment, a framework now used by more than 5000 Nordic companies to assess, compare, and improve their social and environmental impact.

B Lab Spain Webinar BIA

B Lab Spain: Monthly BIA Webinar

The Webinar will explain the B Corp movement, the certification process and the B Impact Assessment, and the value of certification.  

Webinar - Certificazione B Corp & B Impact Assessment

B Lab Italy: Monthly Webinar - Certificazione B Corp & B Impact Assessment

During the webinar B Lab Italy will talk about the B Corp movement, the B Impact Assessment tool and the next steps towards B Corp certification.

B Lab Benelux: Introduction Mensuelle au B Impact Assessment et la Certification B Corp

Join us for our webinar on the B Impact Assessment in French! The B Lab Benelux team will present the B Corp movement, B Corp certification, and answer all your questions about our impact assessment tool, accessible free of charge, online.

Past events and webinars

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21 May
Getting Ready for the EU Sustainability Reporting Standards

Webinar: Getting Ready for ESRS

The first session will take place on May 21 and will include Carlota de Paula Coelho, B Lab's Policy Lead and member of EFRAG's Technical Expert Group, as a speaker. She will discuss how to incorporate ESRS key principles into companies’ assessment and disclosure processes.

9 May

Talk on Sociedades de Beneficio e Interés Común (SBIC)

After the recognition in theSociedades de Beneficio e Interés Común (SBIC) (2022), and the publication during 2023 of different texts intended to lay the foundations for their organization and recognition, the Gabeiras ethical office together with B Lab, IE and the Gabeiras Foundation organize this Classroom with the aim of analyzing the current situation of SBICs and studying the next steps to promote this model of committed companies.

22 May

"Ser Empresa B Corp en España" in Alicante

This presentation is an opportunity to learn more about the value of the B Corp Movement and how it is transforming business as usual. We will also explore how, through this book, educational institutions can go beyond learning as usual , enriching students' critical perspective on the role of the company. Finally, you will be able to get in touch with B Academics Spain, the academic community in Spain that accelerates business transformation through the study of the B Corp Movement.

21 May

B Lab Benelux: B Corp Crash Course

The B Corp movement is growing. B Corp are businesses that make a positive contribution to society, balancing their profits with benefits for society and the environment. Do you want to actively contribute to a changing world, and you are unsure about how to go about it? Participate in this short webinar to help you start your impact journey with the B Corp movement.

10 May

B Lab Portugal | Honest communication bootcamp for B Corps

BRUTAL honesty by Felicidad Collective, from B Lab Portugal. A bootcamp on the power of honest communication.

24 Apr

B Impact Assessment Webinar | April 2024

Join us for another B Impact Assessment Webinar together with other pioneers and leaders seeking to use their businesses as a force for good. The B Lab Europe Markets Development team will be there to introduce you to the B Corp movement and answer all your questions.

8 Apr

B Corp Crash Course: Tous les essentiels en 30 minutes

Le mouvement B Corp est en pleine expansion. Les B Corp sont des entreprises qui apportent une contribution positive à la société, en équilibrant leurs profits avec des bénéfices pour la société et l'environnement. Vous souhaitez contribuer activement à un monde en évolution, et vous hésitez sur la manière de vous y prendre?

6 Feb
Nordics Event

To B or not to B

Calling all impact-driven companies in Sweden! Are you interested in the B Corp movement and curious to learn what it takes to become B Corp certified? Then join us for our To B or Not to B event in Stockholm on February 6th 2024

25 Jan
Webinar - Certificazione B Corp & B Impact Assessment

Webinar - Certificazione B Corp & B Impact Assessment | gennaio

During the webinar we will talk about the B Corp movement, the B Impact Assessment tool and the next steps towards B Corp certification.

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