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Four-day week in progress at Stone Soup Consulting

Stone Soup Consulting has been experimenting the four-day week since January 2024. The first assessments are very positive.

Quatro dias de trabalho - um caminho por Stone Soup Consulting

Em 2023, 41 empresas com mais de 1.000 trabalhadores fizeram um piloto em Portugal implementando os quatro dias de trabalho semanal. A Stone Soup Consulting, composta por uma equipa de 75 pessoas, é uma das mais recentes empresas a aderir a esta experiência.

Mobilizing B Corps: Driving Voter Turnout in European Elections

The upcoming European Parliament elections are crucial in shaping policies impacting businesses. We encourage the B Corp community to join the #VoteAnyway campaign to increase participation in the election and drive meaningful change.

3 Steps to Become a B Corp

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. In order to achieve certification, a company must: complete the B Impact Assessment, meet the legal requirements and exhibit transparency.

Encuentro B - Sistema B Gathering in Monterrey, Mexico in 2023

How B Corp Certification Empowers Businesses to Measure Impact and Protect the Planet

This Earth Day, B Lab reflects on businesses' role in addressing the enormous environmental challenges of today. With B Lab's standards for B Corp Certification evolving, B Lab and B Corps remain at the forefront of tackling growing threats to the planet and people heads-on. Earth Day is not only an opportunity to celebrate our planet but also to showcase an ongoing commitment to environmental leadership and sustainability.

Photo by Sabino Parente for Ramborn Cider

Europeans Want Companies to Behave Like B Corps: Insights From the 2023 Brand Awareness Study

In 2023, B Lab Europe conducted an extensive online survey encompassing more than 11,000 participants from eleven European countries. The findings unveil that consumer behavior is notably swayed by sustainability and certifications. This presents a distinct call to action for businesses to reevaluate their operational methods and enhance their accountability.

Female-led B Corps

This Way Forward: Meet the Female Leaders at the Forefront of the B Corp Movement

In this article, we delve into the intersection of female leadership and the transformative impact women are driving within the B Corp movement and today's corporate landscape at large.

7 key takeaways on B Corp Brand Awareness in the Netherlands and Belgium

Sustainability and certifications positively influence purchasing behavior

Using Behaviour Science to Drive Employee Engagement in Sustainability

B Corp Behaven developed an employee engagement toolkit to empower B Corps in their sustainability journey, acknowledging the pivotal role of behaviour change in achieving sustainability goals.

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