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Group photo at the B Corp Festival

A Night at the Museum: B Corps in Europe Celebrate 10 Years of Making a Difference Together

B Corps from all across Europe and the globe, and friends of the B Corp movement gathered at an iconic venue in Amsterdam – the NEMO Science Museum – to celebrate an extraordinary milestone: 10 years of B Lab Europe and the European B Corp movement.

B Corp Recertification: what you need to know

Achieving the certification is a big deal, but recertification is an even bigger deal. Why is it important and how can companies come prepared? We have 5 tips for you.

We go beyond shareholder primacy

Beyond Shareholder Primacy, One Clause at a Time: A Primer on Stakeholder Governance

What stakeholder governance is, why this concept is so closely knit within the B Corp movement’s global vision of a regenerative, equitable, and inclusive economic system, and how companies that champion it as the new paradigm go beyond the status quo.

Three B Corp Leaders that Go Beyond

Three B Corp Leaders that Go Beyond

From addressing large-scale environmental and societal challenges through business to advocating for better legislation for all, B Corps go beyond the status quo in multiple ways. They do so because, behind the B Corp movement, there are thousands of people using business as a force for good. In this article, you can hear from three of them.

The case to save Article 25: Directors' Duty of Care

One game-changing Article in the CSDDD could be key to the EU Green Deal: why expanding directors' duties is critical to future-proofing the European economy.

B Corp Month offers a window into the soul of the movement

B Lab UK’s Executive Director Chris Turner reflects on the successes of the B Corp movement as we celebrate going beyond during B Corp Month

Duty of care for stakeholders: Good for business, good for people and the planet

Evidence from the European B Corp movement

Evolving Standards post event article

Evolving B Corp Standards: reflecting on the direction of the movement

What does good business mean? This is the question the B Corp movement strives to answer to meet the ever-changing challenges of our times.

The B Corp Way: How B Corps help fellow businesses take concrete action on the SDGs

Companies worldwide are struggling to truly embed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their business practice. B Corp certified consultants, specialized in the matter, provide support via the ‘B Corp Way’ platform.

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An insight into the Swiss Triple Impact, a national sustainability program launched by B Lab Switzerland

In 2020, B Lab Switzerland launched the Swiss Triple Impact, a national solution-oriented sustainability program that fosters commitments of the private sector to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An effective and essential program to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

Talks over Tea: Leadership changes at B Lab Europe

We had a chance to sit down with Juliette Caulkins, B Lab Europe’s new Executive Director as the leadership baton is passed from Katie Hill, who held the position for the past four years after her time as B Lab UK’s Executive Director.

Behind the B Movement Builders: the key role of multinationals in the B Corp movement to achieve systemic change

Inspired by the leadership of the global B Corp community, B Movement Builders is a collaborative coalition of leading multinational companies that catalyze the global movement of business as a force for good.

if it's broken fit it tshirt

B Corp: More than a certification, a continuously evolving movement

Our current economic system is broken. You have to be living under a rock to be unaware of the devastating impacts caused by the environmental and humanitarian crises we face today. Scientists have been ringing alarm bells for decades; we need to drastically reduce the negative impacts of companies and industries as a whole.

Behind the challenges of working towards a circular economy

Rethinking a company’s supply chain to address the issue of packaging waste is no easy feat, and there are several constraints and existing patterns many industries face that create barriers along the way. B Corps in Europe have taken up the challenge and shared their imperfect journey.

Behind the B Corp Way consultant’s work: what it takes to transform your business’ impact and certify

The platform of B Corp Way consultants has grown in numbers and expanded its offering, but how do they concretely support companies in the journey towards impact improvement and certification?

Behind the Journey of Continuous Improvement of B Corps

Being a B Corp is more than obtaining a certification — it’s about having a framework for continuous improvement. The assessment analyzes a company’s operations across the entire business and ensures there are accountability and transparency measures in place to demonstrate the company’s commitment to staying on mission and constantly working hard to be better.

An Interview with Paolo Braguzzi on the B Corp Beauty Coalition

We had the opportunity to discuss with Paolo Braguzzi, former CEO of Davines, the launch of the B Corp Beauty Coalition and how companies in the cosmetics industry can come together and have a greater positive impact.

How B Corp Certification Guides Rituals on a Journey of Continuous Improvement

To welcome the Rituals team to the B Corp community, B Lab Europe dropped by at their headquarters on the Amsterdam canals to ask Niki Schilling, Director Innovation and Sustainability, and Emma Olde Bijvank, Sustainability Manager and B Corp Certification Lead, some questions about their beauty business and journey to B Corp.

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