Verification Fee

Effective on April 1st, B Lab Europe is introducing a verification fee for all new companies submitting their B Impact Assessment for review.

Supporting a growing global movement

Over the past years we’ve been experiencing exponential interest in B Corp Certification and community growth, tripling the size of the European B Corp community since 2021 who work together to create a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

To continue to support this growing movement, maintain the rigor of B Corp Certification and continuously improve our standards and processes, B Lab Europe needs to update our fees to ensure we are equipped to support the companies who are truly committed to certifying as B Corp.

The fees for B Corp Certification are what allows B Lab as a non-profit to work towards driving systemic change, funding community engagement and advocacy efforts, along with ensuring B Corps continue to represent leadership in business today and in the future by evolving our standards.

New Verification Fee (Effective April 1st, 2024)

In 2021, B Lab introduced a Submission Fee, allowing us to focus our review processes on companies that are committed to completing the B Corp Certification. The submission fee is charged at the point at which companies submit their first BIA for review, signaling their commitment to certification. In 2022, B Lab introduced pricing tiers in submission fees to reflect the increase in complexity required for larger companies. 

However, this submission fee only covered the real costs of the evaluation phase rather than the verification period, so effective on April 1st, 2024, B Lab Europe is replacing the Submission Fee with a Verification Fee. 

The verification fee will be structured based on company revenue and will be paid in two instalments, incorporating the existing submission fee as the first instalment. 

* Please note the verification fee only applies to companies pursuing the standard approach to certification; pricing for large enterprises can be found here.

Annual Sales
Full Verification Fee (Effective April 1st)
First Instalment (10% due at submission)
Second Instalment (due at verification queue)
€ 0 - € 4,999,999 €2,500 €250 €2,250
€ 5,000,000 - € 49,999,999 €5,000 €500 €4,500
€ 50,000,000 - € 99,999,999 €7,500 €750 €6,750
€ 100,000,000+ €10,000 €1000 €9,000

FAQs on Verification Fee

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