Recertification is the process by which a B Corp renews its certification. It is often both as rigorous and rewarding as the first B Corp certification a company undertakes. It is an important way for companies to measure improvements implemented over the last several years and a way for B Corps to maintain credibility in the movement.

Being a ‘good’ B Corp

The best way to recertify is to actively use the B Impact Assessment throughout these years as a framework to inspire and track improvements. B Corps recertify by updating their B Impact Assessment and ensuring all the information is accurate and up to date. This is important as the BIA itself is updated every three years to stay relevant to evolving best practice in social and environmental standards. 

To be eligible for recertification, your business will need to be in good standing. To be in good standing means that a B Corp has paid all outstanding annual fees, submitted an updated B Impact Assessment 6 months before the recertification date, completed the legal requirement, and responded to all requests for documentation. If you have received requests for any of these items, please get in touch to ensure your certification remains active. As before, the assessment is then submitted, documentation is provided and the score is verified by B Lab.

Plan your journey

Check your recertification due date and prepare your team for the journey ahead. We recommend companies to start planning and looking for improvements one year before their recertification due date.


Submit your assessment 6 months prior to your recertification date and complete the verification process to receive a new impact score.

Learn from fellow B Corps

Being a B Corp means being part of a business community that shares knowledge and best practices. Hear from fellow B Corps who successfully recertified and learn which initiatives and policies they integrated to improve their impact, and thereby their impact score.

Recertification FAQs

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