Policy Webinar to save Article 25: Directors’ Duty of Care! | March 16

Save Article 25 of the European Commission’s draft CSDDD so business can no longer ignore people and the planet!

The journey to bring the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) into life has been a long and twisting tale, and it has not reached its conclusion yet. The Interdependence Coalition, comprising over 150 signatories from businesses across Europe was established to advocate for clearer directors’ duty of care and for an enlarged scope of application of the forthcoming directive.

The draft directive includes a provision on directors’ duty of care – Article 25 – so that they have to consider sustainability matters. This is under threat and some member states seek to delete this

The Interdependence Coalition argues that Article 25 is a necessary condition to meet our EU Green Deal ambitions. And the B Corp movement has already voluntarily adopted this and provided proof of concept: employees, suppliers, communities, the environment and shareholders reap benefits from such an approach.


What’s at stake? Why is this important?

Article 25 is a necessary condition to meet our EU Green Deal ambitions because it changes how Directors of companies should think about sustainability matters and how they embed them in the operations of the company. It is clearly not sufficient on its own, and companies will need time, support and commitment to adapt to the CSDDD requirements. But deleting Article 25 is indeed fatal to the intention to create any meaningful alteration in the broader sustainability considerations that board directors of businesses operating in Europe should have to consider.

The B Corp movement has pioneered this concept and proven it to be beneficial for employees, environment, suppliers, investors and our communities. We present it to make this decision easier to adopt and adapt it to fit the EU’s bold ambitions.

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