Baltic Sustainability Awards: B Corp panel & workshop

Embark on an enlightening journey into the world of B Corp, recognised globally as the golden standard of sustainability. Born out of a visionary commitment to balance profit with purpose, B Corps (short for Benefit Corporations) are businesses dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet and its people. Join us for a captivating session at the Baltic Sustainability Awards in Riga, where Sarah Garcia of B Lab Europe will set the stage and unravel the intricacies of the B Corp universe, offering a profound understanding of how these transformative entities redefine corporate responsibility. Further, participate in an enlightening panel discussion featuring: 🌱 Gatis Zemanis: Co-founder of Kalve Coffee, the first B Corp certified company in Latvia, 🌱 Henrika Peltola: Sustainability Manager at Danone Nordics & Baltics, the largest B Corp in the world. → Moderated by Zane Valujeva from KIIND Agency, this panel promises a rich conversation on approaches toward B Corp and overall sustainable business practices. Additionally, immerse yourself in our hands-on workshop led by Helena and Nicolás from B Lab Europe, where you'll sculpt the sustainable future of a hypothetical company. Engage in a card game to prioritize impactful business improvements and conclude with group presentations discussing sustainable strategies, all guided by the 5 Impact Areas of the B Corp methodology. → This workshop offers valuable insights into holistic and practical sustainability applications for your business. Discover how to drive change and foster responsible stewardship in the business world. Engage with industry leaders, participate in meaningful discussions, and become a catalyst for sustainable change. Who Should Attend: 🔸 Sustainability enthusiasts and impact-driven individuals. 🔸 Business leaders and managers focused on sustainable integration. 🔸 Students, educators, and professionals expanding their sustainability knowledge. 🔸 Non-profits and government agencies involved in sustainability. 🌟 PS: Join us at the Baltic Sustainability Awards event and use code "bcorp50" to enjoy a 50% discount on your entry ticket.
Baltic Sustainability Awards
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