B Corp Recertification Webinar

Certified B Corps are required to recertify once every three years. Join us at this webinar to learn about the recertification process!

*Note: This webinar is on invite only. Reach out to for more information.


This Recertification Webinar is aimed at all Certified B Corps from the Benelux region which have their recertification date coming up within a year. Every B Corp is encouraged to at least send the person in charge of the B Corp certification – but please feel free to bring others along!

The session will ideally give you an overview of the whole process, and provide you with the tools to set your company up for success as your recertification date approaches.


The recertification process serves to regularly measure and manage your company’s impact – a core principle of the B Corp Community and helps maintain the credibility of the B Corp Certification. As you may know, Certified B Corps must maintain their certification in good standing in order to recertify every three years.

The Recertification is also an opportunity for companies to measure the improvements implemented over the last several years. Companies are be encouraged to implement improvements, as the BIA is updated every three years to improve the standards, and it gets more sophisticated for analysing companies.

Process Steps

To be recertified, B Corps must complete a number of steps and associated tasks:

  1. Verify the legal requirement has been met.
  2. Complete the current version of the B Impact Assessment.
  3. Submit the B Impact Assessment by your recertification date
  4. Provide documentation to support assessment answers
  5. Next steps for recertification

Find some FAQ’s regarding recertification here.

Join us in this session to get more acquainted with the process and all the steps involved!

– Team B Lab Benelux

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