Pending B Corps

Many start-ups want a way to signal to stakeholders that they are on track to certifying as a B Corp. Pending B Corp status helps those early stage companies to make that commitment.

What is a Pending B Corp?

B Corp Certification is based on the verified practices and policies of a company over the past year—rather than what it aspires to do in the future.

That means that only companies that have been in operation for at least twelve months are eligible for B Corporation Certification.

The Pending B Corp status is designed to give start-ups and smaller companies time to prepare for the rigorous process of full B Corp Certification. 

How to become a Pending B Corp

Becoming a Pending B Corp is not the same as becoming a Certified B Corp. Pending B Corp status is finite. After being in operations for at least twelve months, a company must go through the full verification process with B Lab. However, the Pending B Corp status can give companies a head start by taking these initial steps:

  • Meet the legal requirements for B Corp Certification

    Incorporate stakeholder governance into the legal structure of your startup by amending your legal articles. Note: Companies in regions without a legal framework are not eligible for Pending B Corp status.

  • Complete and submit a prospective B Impact Assessment

    By completing the B Impact Assessment, you’ll learn about B Corp standards and identify the right policies and practices to put in place as your company grows. Your prospective B Impact Assessment will not be verified by B Lab and you will not receive a verified score while you are a Pending B Corp.

  • Sign the Pending B Corp agreement

    B Lab will provide you with a contractual agreement that outlines more details about Pending B Corp status, including brand guidelines for usage for one year.

  • Pay a one-time application fee

    Pending B Corps in mature markets* are required to pay a one time fee of €1000. Companies pursuing Pending B Corp status do not have to pay a submission fee. The submission fee will be due if the company submits for full B Corp after getting the status for a year.

    *Mature markets include: France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden. Companies certifying in other countries where the B Corp Movement is still in early stages will pay a one-time fee of €500.


Becoming a Pending B Corp allows companies to:

  • Signal to current and future investors that their company is already beginning to measure, manage and improve its social and environmental performance
  • Demonstrate strong governance by adopting the B Corp legal framework early to protect its mission and values from inception
  • Connect with the global B Corp Movement and engage with the +5,000 Certified B Corps within our community
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