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How medium-sized businesses can become Certified B Corporations

Medium Company steps towards certification

While the steps towards certification are the same for small to medium-sized companies, the level of rigour increases with the complexity of the company. Please review the steps below to see the general requirements for medium-sized companies.

Medium-sized B Corps in Europe

How long does it take to certify?

B Corp Certification project timelines vary widely depending on resources dedicated to the project, operational complexity, target deadlines, marketing considerations, and other strategic objectives. 

Timelines can range from three to twelve months, as some companies choose to delay certification in order to maximize their B Impact Assessment score, while others apply and begin the certification process as soon as they reach the 80-point threshold that is the minimum for certification.

Please note that timelines are approximate and subject to change based on submission rates and B Lab’s capacity. 

B Impact Assessment

Learn more about the B Impact Assessment

B Impact Assessment

The B Impact Assessment (BIA) is not only the first step in pursuing B Corp certification – it is also a framework that can be used to help your company measure and verify your social and environmental performance and work towards continuously improving your impact. With roughly 200 questions, this free to use, confidential tool is tailored to your company’s size, sector and location.

Tips for your journey towards certification

  • Build a B Team

    While the process of certification can be managed by a single project manager, it’s helpful to establish your B Team — the internal stakeholders and partners who will get you across the Certification finish line.

  • Engage employees

    It’s helpful to start educating your colleagues about what B Corp Certification is and why it’s important. Answering the question, “What’s in it for me?” for each part of your company is critical to the success of the project.

  • Attend BIA trainings

    Local B Lab teams conduct regular trainings and events to help explain the certification process and answer any questions you may have.

  • Get support from B Lab

    Get in touch with local B Lab teams to support you in understanding the legal and transparency requirements.

  • Reach out to the B Corp Community

    The B Corp community can also provide support. Use the B Corp Directory to research and reach out to companies in your industry. Within these companies, the individuals involved with the certification process are typically enthusiastic ambassadors and more than happy to help.

  • Use the global Knowledge Base

    This comprehensive resource hub is packed with detailed best practices guides to help you implement improvements, as well as a range of case studies to provide insight into the impact other B Corps have created.

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