B Movement Builders

B Movement Builders is a program for multinational companies to come together to lead global systems change alongside and in support of the B Corp community, building a new narrative about the purpose of business.

What is B Movement Builders?

B Movement Builders is a coalition of leading companies who are scaling and accelerating business as a force for good to support long term value creation for all stakeholders.

All B Movement Builders are multinational companies with at least $1 billion in revenue. They are committed to the principles of the B Movement and take individual and collective actions that bring those principles to life.

B Movement Builders aspire to increase their impact by learning from and collaborating with the global community of Certified B Corporations. Together, B Movement Builders leverage their size and influence to move business farther and faster toward creating shared and enduring prosperity for all while driving their individual growth, culture and impact.

B Movement Builders

B Movement Builder Mentors

B Movement Builder Mentors lead the way, having already certified more than 30% of their businesses through subsidiaries.

Principles of the B Movement Builders

  • Authentic Credibility
    Credible, concrete and inclusive actions backed by comprehensive, transparent assessment.
  • Scalable Collaboration
    Interdependent communities that create collective impact through peer-learning and partnerships.
  • Impactful Transformation
    Authentic leaders dedicated to audacious goals that transform business to create shared value for all stakeholders.

Actions taken by B Movement Builders

  • CEO Signs B Corp Declaration of Interdependence and publicly commits to the B Movement principles.

  • Use B Impact Assessment to measure and manage social and environmental impact.

  • Produce and publicly share a materiality assessment and an annual impact report.

  • Set goals and show progress toward achieving three or more Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Collaborate with other companies and stakeholders in working toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Engage with key shareholders and policymakers to move from shareholder-centric capitalism to stakeholder-driven governance models.

B Movement Builders in the News

Behind the B Movement Builders: the key role of multinationals in the B Corp movement to achieve systemic change

Inspired by the leadership of the global B Corp community, B Movement Builders is a collaborative coalition of leading multinational companies that catalyze the global movement of business as a force for good.

How Multinationals Navigate To A Stakeholder Economy: B Movement Builders Share Progress And Challenges

For large multinational companies especially, the shift from shareholder governance to stakeholder governance is a huge and complex journey. Yet, their scale also leads to outsized social impacts if they are able to successfully make this shift. To help multinationals better implement stakeholder governance and become part of the B Corp community, in 2020 B Lab recently established the B Movement Builders initiative.

How Multinationals Navigate To A Stakeholder Economy: B Movement Builders Share Progress And Challenges, Part Two

The businesses powering the transformation to a stakeholder economy that takes environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors seriously are typically smaller, which means they generally are more nimble than big corporations and can adjust their operations and products quicker.

Join the B Movement Builders

The B Movement Builders program is designed for companies who are genuinely committed to the principles of the B Movement. Before joining B Movement Builders, companies must undergo a Risk Review to determine if they are involved in activities that are against the values of the B Movement, in which case they are ineligible.

As part of their participation and ongoing eligibility in the program, B Movement Builders need to make meaningful progress on key goals related to their social and environmental performance as overseen by B Lab’s independent Standards Advisory Council.

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