Benefit Systems: renewing their commitment to people and the planet

The publicly traded Polish B Corp becomes a pioneer in the country’s judicial system by introducing social and environmental goals to the company’s statutes

About Benefit Systems


Benefit Systems is an international company of Polish origin that was established to support employers in creating friendly and motivational work environments by providing employees with non-financial benefits. Their most popular product is the MultiSport Programme which enables employees and their family members to undertake physical activity in sports facilities nationwide. Over the years, they have been developing their offer across markets, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Croatia. Benefit Systems believes that physical activity promotes one’s health and improves well-being, thus supporting the development of sports infrastructure in Poland and Europe by investing in fitness club networks. All the company’s products and solutions are created by a diverse team of people who believe in the potential of small steps that may change business for the better and create value for the world we all live in.

The start of the B Corp Journey


Benefit Systems started focusing on sustainability long before the first certification in 2018 as a result of its values, the specificity of its business operations, and the unique culture of the organization. The B Corp Certification allowed them to define company goals in sustainable development better and determine which aspects we should work on in the short and long term. Nevertheless, in accordance with the philosophy of the B Corp movement, whose principles and aspirations are still evolving, all these activities are continuous and have a long-term horizon.

“From the very beginning, our approach to doing business was consistent with the vision of ethical, committed, and responsible operations promoted by B Lab. We also wanted a very detailed and objective verification in key aspects of sustainable development. The information obtained during the certification process allowed us to clearly diagnose the areas where we want and should develop as a capital group”.


Bartosz Józefiak, Management Board Member at Benefit Systems

It is worth remembering that ESG has become part of the business landscape relatively recently. Meanwhile, the B Corp movement, including Benefit Systems, has been building a value-based business for years.

Benefit Systems’ Recertification and the introduction of a legal requirement in Poland


Benefit Systems is the first listed company in Poland to be recertified as a B Corp by B Lab. Four years after certification, a dozen or so companies from the capital group underwent an independent and very demanding verification process.

One of the most significant changes introduced by Benefit Systems in recent years was the inclusion of social and environmental goals as an integral part of their business activities in its statutes. This is particularly important because it is not only a manifestation of the will of the company’s Management Board, Supervisory Board, and shareholders. In Poland, company statute amendments are subject to registration and judicial review. Therefore, the introduction of this change, previously absent from the doctrine and legal system, had a revolutionary character and required a very solid, well-thought-out justification.

Earlier, by the adopted principle of positive impact on the world, they carried out numerous activities aimed at helping the sports and recreation industry, which found itself in a difficult position due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Benefit Systems changed the rules of mutual settlements with our partners and co-financed their ongoing activities (e.g., we provided over 4 million PNL in ad hoc assistance for the purchase of disinfectants and adaptation to operating under the strict sanitary regime). The company also supported the industry in its dialogue with the government administration and business organizations to develop conditions and rules for returning to normal functioning. Finally, they joined the 30% Club initiative, which promotes diversity in business, and they are currently finalizing work on the new Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

In addition, an important element of the company’s activity is raising awareness that regular physical activity has an impact not only on our body but also on our psyche. Thus, it undertakes initiatives supporting the physical activity of children, adults, and seniors. Some are implemented as part of the MultiSport Foundation, established less than two years ago. It can already boast of the success of programs for people with disabilities or school youth participating in sports activities in its fitness clubs. The company also supports the development of sports infrastructure and, as part of the MultiSport Programme, cooperates with almost 9,000 sports facilities and operates over 190 fitness clubs in four markets.

“One of the challenges is market education and increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable development for Polish enterprises. We believe that we will be able to inspire them also thanks to our activities. In 2018, we were the only B Corp company in the country, and today, there are seven companies within the movement.”


Bartosz Józefiak, Management Board Member at Benefit Systems
Group of people working out and smiling

According to the Site Review Report provided by B Lab, reviewers were impressed with the company’s performance in employee care, social commitment, and corporate governance based on ESG values.

The review covered several companies from the Benefit Systems Capital Group, which operate in their primary market, i.e., in Poland and other countries, e.g., the Czech Republic. The verification of so many entities operating in different locations and legal systems shows the scale and diversity of operations and, simultaneously, the scale of the challenge of recertification. The group is developing organically and through acquisitions, so individual entities are at different stages of development. Although ESG goals are common, the degree of organizational maturity and preparation for their implementation varies.

The recertification process required many months and involved many people in the organization at various stages. It is worth noting that this level of involvement requires organizational effort and, at the same time, has a strong impact on employees’ awareness of the importance of ESG and sustainable development.

Benefit Systems also intensively analyzes employees’ needs and employers’ expectations. They see how their demand for solutions supporting well-being, work-life balance, and personal development is growing. That is why their portfolio includes such solutions as the largest cafeteria platform in Poland, MyBenefit, the company responsible for employee nutrition, and Focusly – a mindfulness application. Recently, the company has also been intensively working on its latest product – the MultiLife Programme, which is just entering its offer and will be a comprehensive solution supporting employees’ well-being and development needs.

Looking at the next recertification


In the first half of this year, the company plans to adopt a new ESG strategy with specific goals in all three areas. In the coming years, they will also strive to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, they are looking for renewable energy solutions for our fitness clubs. The development of such initiatives is, of course, an ongoing process. Benefit Systems constantly analyzes its impact on the natural environment to implement the most ecological solutions. They also are committed to educating the market, paying particular attention to the needs of employers and expectations of employees, especially in terms of supporting their psychophysical condition.

Lessons Learned



The power of the community. There is real value in being a member of the B Corp movement, both in terms of sharing knowledge and good practices in an international group of companies and a mature approach to ESG goals as well as in taking specific actions for the benefit of the community or the natural environment.



The importance of market education. See the need for education and building a partnership model of cooperation with stakeholders considering the interests of various groups. It is a natural way of shaping business and interpersonal relationships.



The need for holistic solutions. Physical and mental well-being go hand in hand and should benefit all. By joining the 30% Club initiative, which promotes diversity in business, and evolving its new Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Benefit Systems addresses many ways its operations can positively impact the community.



  • Download Benefit Systems’ 2022 Non-financial Report here
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