AfforHealth: helping companies improve the health and emotional well-being of their employees

The Spanish B Corp shares how its work positively impacts SDG 3 and some lessons learned from cooperating with other organizations.

About AfforHealth


AfforHealth is a prevention consultancy that optimizes the processes of diagnosis and intervention in psychosocial factors to promote the realization of psychosocial risk assessments in companies. They collaborate with Prevention Services, both in-house and external, providing specific solutions. Their values are continuous training, constant innovation, excellence in service, respect for the environment, professional commitment, rigorous teamwork, competitiveness, objectivity, adaptation to customer needs, specialization, methodological rigor, and transparency. They aim to be the best alternative at the national and international level in risk consulting and psychosocial factors, adapting to the real needs of each organization and taking care of the psychological health of people at work to improve their quality of life.

Joining the B Corp movement


The B Corp certification journey was an incredible experience that allowed them to learn how to improve the impact of their activities on people, society and the world. They got to know B Corp thanks to its worldwide recognition and for being a reference for companies that assume responsibility commitments and generate positive impact. AfforHealth embarked on this journey to join a movement of social transformation oriented towards creating social, environmental, and economic value for all our stakeholders, where companies together generate a positive impact on people and the planet. The company has also been recognized as Best for the World in the Governance category.

Their work on SDG 3


For AfforHealth, the 2030 Agenda and its 17 SDGs remind companies of the institutional, social and political commitment to eradicate poverty, protect the planet, and improve people’s lives. The Spanish B Corp sees the challenges in attempting to achieve many of these goals, but it is clear that now that businesses can do a lot to promote health policies in the workplace that align with SDG 3 – Good Health and Well Being. AfforHealth also believes that strengthening the mental health of the people in a company will help these organizations to be strong, efficient and effective in the medium term.

“Organizations committed to the health and emotional well-being of their employees with active care policies will help positively impact the society in which we live”


Santos Manuel Cavero Lopez, Sustainability Director of AfforHealth

AfforHealth has a specialized approach focused on SDG 3, which fully aligns with its mission: promoting health and emotional well-being in the workplace. Their lines of action, products, and services follow the indications and lines of work established by global reference bodies, such as the World Health Organization, which includes, for example: strengthening efficient governance and leadership in psychosocial risks; providing Mental Health Services; developing strategies for prevention and promotion of mental health; strengthening information systems, scientific data and research. According to Santos Manuel Cavero Lopez, Sustainability Director at AfforHealth, the world is full of challenges that we have to solve, and society is demanding a new type of conscious company with a positive impact, oriented to give purpose to its employees.

In their journey to improve their impact and progress on the SDGs, AfforHealth found the B Impact Assessment tool (BIA) very useful because it allows us to measure the impact of their organization in the different areas of intervention (governance, community, environment) and people (workers, customers).

“Our experience with SDG Action Manager is fantastic. This tool combines the BIA with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. It makes it easier for companies to channel their business actions to generate the greatest possible positive impact, using a dynamic self-assessment, comparison with general standards and setting improvement goals”


Santos Manuel Cavero Lopez, Sustainability Director of AfforHealth

According to the B Corp, the SDG Action Manager allows the detection of the best opportunities for the company to contribute to achieving the SDGs. This measurement is made through specific questions that make it easier to identify the business impact. AfforHealth records and reports on SDG 3 performance monthly and their work on this particular SDG is known to their customers and stakeholders.

Amplifying SDGs impact through collaboration


The Spanish consultancy has joined the Global Impact HUB Network as a promoter partner in the Impact HUB of Malaga to support the awareness and visibility of psychosocial management. This network brings together business and entrepreneurial initiatives that collaborate on strategic alliances that drive change based on a collaborative business strategy.

In particular, AfforHealth worked on the project ‘Ruta Saludable 2022’ – a mental health route through different Impact Hubs in Latin America and Spain from February to April 2022. The project’s objective was to raise awareness among SMEs about the need to manage psychosocial risks to promote mental health at work. The Impact HUB in Malaga supported the content creation and promotion of eight free online events where expert speakers provided specific guidelines on how to take care of the emotional well-being of people at work. In this project, they collaborated with other organizations to make it happen, creating a great value of cooperation and joint achievements in healthcare within the Global Impact HUB Network, which resulted in high participation and engagement, contributing directly to SDG 3.

Lessons Learned

Engaging with different organizations to achieve a common goal is not an easy feat! AfforHealth has some tips for you.



Work collaboratively and establish shared objectives among the companies participating in the project.



Have a shared vision for promoting and improving people and society is essential.



Carry out actions that benefit society, knowing that everything we do benefits us all, especially the environment in a broad sense.



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