‘Experience the B’ in Switzerland

How can people discover what is the B Corp movement really about? In Switzerland, as part of the #myplanB campaign, a contest offered participants a chance to win an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience with different B Corps.

At the end of B Corp Month 2023, B Lab Switzerland launched its #myplanB awareness campaign for the Swiss public to learn about the B Corp movement. A contest was held as part of the campaign, offering participants a chance to win an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience with different Certified B Corporations in Switzerland by sharing their personal ‘Plan B’ for people and the planet. The winners of ‘Experience the B Days’ and their plus ones embarked on a memorable journey to explore the sustainability practices and values of different B Corps.

‘Experience the B’ Day in the French-speaking part of Switzerland 


On June 8th, 2023, the winner of the first prize in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, along with her guest, delved into an immersive day of discovery. Their adventure started with a visit to Biscuits Agathe, renowned for their delicious biscuits. Biscuits Agathe aims to produce biscuits in a circular economy that should consist of 100% Swiss raw materials. Today, they already consist of 80% Swiss ingredients. The winners were able to witness firsthand the process of biscuit production and enjoyed a delightful tasting session afterward.


Continuing their journey, they embarked on a juice-tasting experience held by Opaline. Exploring a range of Opaline juices made from regional and seasonal ingredients, the winners gained insights into the company’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Both the B Lab Switzerland team and the contest winners were captivated by the stories behind each beverage and its ingredients.


Lunchtime proved to be a special experience provided by Nespresso at the Auberge de l’Onde. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Lavaux region, the winners enjoyed a #NespressoGourmet Lunch, accompanied by Nespresso Coffee Ambassador Dominique Niederhauser and Sommelier Jerome Aké Béda. The delightful fusion of exceptional cuisine with coffee fueled the winners’ understanding of sustainable practices in the coffee industry.


The final stop of the day was the inspiring encounter with 7Peaks Brasserie, which is a Swiss craft brewery based in Morgins whose purpose is to “make the world a better place, one beer at a time”. In order to integrate this greater mission into their daily activities, this team of eight people launched a brand new system to work together. They call it “beerocracy” in reference to holacracy and with a focus on systems thinking. The winners received an exclusive tour through the brewery with valuable insights into the #beerocracy system. The day ended with a tasting of a variety of brews and a delicious Apéro.

the winner summarized:

We had the chance to meet many people involved in sustainability and to see that sustainable values can be applied in a company at different levels. It was truly inspiring to see what B Corps are doing to adhere to these sustainability values, and in the long term I hope that all companies will go in this direction.

Experience the B Day: German-speaking Part 


On June 28th, 2023, the winner of the first prize in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, accompanied by her guest, embarked on their own adventure of exploration and enlightenment. 


Their first stop was the Danone office in Zurich, where they delved into the concept of a flexitarian diet. At a tasting of a wide range of Alpro products, they were gaining a deeper understanding of the company’s mission to promote healthy, sustainable, and plant-based eating habits. The winners were able to create nutritious and tasty breakfast bowls and shakes on their own with the different Alpro products. 


Next, they embarked on a virtual journey to Ghana, courtesy of Koa, via cutting-edge VR glasses. This immersive experience transported them to the cocoa fields, providing insights into the cocoa growing process and Koa’s mission to increase farmers’ income, create new jobs in rural areas and create added value for the people and planet by using the cocoa fruit instead of only the beans themselves.


The final destination of their experiential day was Weleda near Basel. Walking through the garden at the Weleda site in Arlesheim, the winners learned more about different plants and enjoyed a few relaxing moments in nature before heading to the production halls. There, they were able to witness the creation process firsthand by getting a guided tour of the production facilities. At the end of the tour, they immersed themselves in the beauty and efficacy of Weleda’s offerings by trying out these nourishing products themselves. We ended the day with a delicious vegetarian Apéro at Weleda.

in the words of the participant:

It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know the different B Corps better and to test their products. I feel super inspired and happy after this experience and will definitely watch out for the B Corp label in the future.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access

The Experience the B Days have proven to be an exceptional opportunity to engage individuals with the B Corp Movement. By providing tangible experiences and behind-the-scenes insights into Certified B Corporations, these events foster a deep connection to sustainable practices and inspire ambassadors for the movement.


B Lab Switzerland acknowledges the importance of continuing this impactful format in the future. As a result, they are actively seeking B Corps interested in participating in future Experience the B Days. By joining forces, these businesses can collectively showcase the transformative power of sustainability and inspire others to start their journey of continuous improvement.


Find out more about the work of B Lab Switzerland and the B Corp movement in the country.