B Corps join forces to tackle maternal mortality with a mobile-based ultrasound

B Corps Delft Imaging and Fairphone partner for innovative maternal healthcare tool BabyChecker.
BabyChecker in use, allowing women to take charge of their maternal healthcare

B Corps worldwide are a force for positive change, and with over 7,600 like-minded companies,  they are making groundbreaking partnerships possible. One notable union is BabyChecker, a visionary project driven by Delft Imaging and Fairphone, both Dutch B Corps within the tech sector. Their shared goal: improve maternal healthcare in low-income countries and contribute to SDG 3.1 (reducing the global maternal mortality ratio). BabyChecker is a mobile based ultrasound powered by AI to support the detection of risky pregnancies by community health workers. The urgency of this initiative is underscored by alarming statistics: 830 women die daily due to preventable pregnancy and childbirth complications, while over 90% of these losses could be prevented. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the pivotal role of ultrasound technology in reducing these risks, and this is where BabyChecker comes in.

BabyChecker in use, allowing women to take charge of their maternal healthcare

BabyChecker in use, allowing women to take charge of their maternal healthcare

This partnership exemplifies the immense potential of B Corps coming together for global impact. To learn more about this project, we spoke with Katyayini Singh from Delft Imaging.


Can you tell us a bit more about BabyChecker and its purpose?


In essence, BabyChecker’s goal is to make ultrasound services more accessible and affordable for expectant mothers, ultimately leading to safer pregnancies. It embodies the idea that quality maternal care should be within reach for all, regardless of their location or resources.


It has been developed to address the critical issue of preventable maternal deaths, especially in low-income countries where 99% of such deaths occur, and over 90% are preventable. BabyChecker empowers any health worker to swiftly and accurately detect risky pregnancies using Artificial Intelligence. The BabyChecker as a whole consists of a Fairphone with the pre-installed BabyChecker app, and the ultrasound probe, which can easily be connected to the Fairphone device through a USB cable.  With just six sweeps across the abdomen with the probe connected to the phone via the USB, essential information like gestational age, foetal presentation, multiple gestations, and placenta location is provided. This information is pivotal in ensuring that expectant mothers receive the appropriate care and interventions necessary to safeguard their own well-being and that of their babies. What makes BabyChecker particularly remarkable is its user-friendly design, which allows even those who are untrained in ultrasound scanning to master it in as little as an hour. The only training required? A 3-minute tutorial video. Very important: it can operate without an internet connection, making it accessible in remote and underserved areas, where access to healthcare resources is often limited.

What inspired you to embark on the BabyChecker project, and how did you initially come up with the idea?


At Delft Imaging, our core motivation lies in our commitment to strengthening healthcare systems in low-resource settings and making a real, tangible impact. We firmly believe that healthcare is a fundamental human right and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstances. As a B Corp and social enterprise, our goal is to create a world where health equity is a reality. It is within this context that the BabyChecker project was born. After years of dedicated effort and successful pilot projects in Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Tanzania, we proudly launched BabyChecker. We are excited to see its positive impact and are excited about the journey ahead.

What motivated the partnership between Fairphone and Delft Imaging for the BabyChecker project and how did this collaboration come to be?


Our partnership with Fairphone for the BabyChecker project is rooted in our shared identity as B Corps, both driven by a deep commitment to making a meaningful impact on the world. Our shared goal is to promote sustainable and accessible maternal healthcare in developing countries because we firmly believe that innovation, combined with sustainability, is the key to creating a long-lasting impact in healthcare. Through this partnership, we provide community health workers with a durable and easily repairable Fairphone, integrated with an AI powered app and a probe. In the field, where durability and ease of repair are needed, the Fairphone stands out. Its design and capabilities perfectly suit the demanding environment of those conducting ultrasounds. These devices will be deployed in diverse regions across Africa and Central America, underscoring our shared commitment to improving maternal healthcare and positively impacting the lives of expectant mothers and their families while contributing to a better planet.

BabyChecker: Fairphone with installed app and connected ultrasound probe

BabyChecker: Fairphone with installed app and connected ultrasound probe

What impact do you hope BabyChecker will have on the lives of women and their families in the regions it serves?


BabyChecker is set to bring a profound transformation in the lives of women and their families, especially in regions where traditional ultrasound machines are either too expensive or inaccessible due to the need for skilled clinicians. By empowering community health workers to detect risky pregnancies, BabyChecker provides a ray of hope. It has the ability to detect potential issues early, which in turn can lead to timely interventions, which hopes to reduce the heartbreaking statistics of preventable maternal deaths that continue to afflict these regions.


In essence, BabyChecker seeks to rewrite the narrative of maternal healthcare by making safer pregnancies the norm, not the exception. Each scan brings us closer to the realization of a world where no woman is deprived of essential antenatal care, ushering in a brighter and healthier future for women and their families in these regions.

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