7 key takeaways on B Corp Brand Awareness in the Netherlands and Belgium

Sustainability and certifications positively influence purchasing behavior

Amsterdam, 19 December A research amongst 1000 respondents in the Netherlands and Belgium give insightful outcomes on the brand awareness and perception of B Corp Certification. B Corps are companies verified to meet high standards for social and environmental impact; purpose, accountability, and transparency are part of their DNA. Research shows that, when one is familiar with B Corp, the certification is perceived as highly trusted and rigorous. In addition to this, sustainability and certifications positively influence purchasing behavior. The awareness of the certification increases with education, seniority level and job qualification. Moreover, for respondents who do know B Corp, the trust is higher compared to other certifications. B Lab, the non-profit behind the certification conducted the research to collect the following key results.

B Lab is the non-profit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. We are known for certifying B Corporations. B Corps all over the world use the power of business to positively impact all their stakeholders. The rapidly expanding Dutch B Corp community consists of 259 companies. In Belgium, the total number of B Corps currently stands at 77.

Throughout June and July ’23, Cint, a renowned global leader in digital insights and research technology, undertook research across eleven European countries including the Netherlands and Belgium. In each country 1000 participants generously shared their insights through an online survey.

Key findings on 2023 B Corp Brand Awareness

1. 13% of the Dutch and over 15% of Belgian adults are aware of the B Corp brand
The survey found that 13% of adults in the Netherlands, and 15% in Belgium report having heard of B Corp or B Corporation or were familiar with the B Corp logo.

Brand awareness NL

2. Sustainability influences purchasing behavior
In general, sustainability positively influences respondents’ choices, including purchasing behavior. In the Netherlands 51% agrees, whereas in Belgium this is 59%.

3. Those who are aware of the B Corp Certification are more likely to purchase from B Corps
56% of people who are aware of B Corp in the Netherlands said B Corp Certification positively affected their purchasing decisions, either actively looking for them or using it to decide between products/services. In Belgium this percentage is 68%.

4. B Corp Certification can help attract talent
Overall, sustainability and certifications for business practices positively influence respondents’ choices in deciding which company to work for. In the Netherlands 42% agrees or strongly agrees. In Belgium this percentage is 46%.

5. B Corp is perceived as trustworthy
Compared to other major certifications B Corp Certification was perceived as being more trustworthy*. In the Netherlands 68% states that they have (high) levels of trust. In Belgium 76% share this level of trust.

6. On a company’s social media, website and/or product packaging are places where people have seen the B Corp logo
This corresponds to where respondents found out about B Corp: For those who have heard of B Corp Certification, social media (29%), a company’s website (30%) or a product (32%) were the places they were most likely to have seen it in the Netherlands. In Belgium, 41% people have seen B Corp on social media, followed by a company’s website (39%) and product packaging (35%).

7. “This company meets high standards of social and environmental impact” is seen as the most appealing tagline in both the Netherlands (63%) and Belgium (65%).

Want to become a B Corp?
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Already part of our amazing community? This is what your B Corp can do to increase awareness of the B Corp Certification:

  • Let the world know! It’s essential to purposefully address your customers, suppliers, community, and the general public about why you are a B Corp and why your stakeholders care.
  • Brag your B! Display the B Corp logo on your website, print materials, packaging, presentations, storefront signage, and more (consult our Brand Book and B Corp logo page for usage guidelines).
  • Storytelling is essential in the transformation of business and society. Telling the story of your certification and continuous improvement is a great way to engage followers, media, other businesses.
  • Social media is a key channel to announce your certification, talk about what being a B Corp means to you, and engage with different audiences. #BCorp #BCorporation #BLabBenelux
  • Employees don’t want to leave their values at home. Consumers are employees, just at a different time of the day, and B Corps are measurably great places to work. Talk about your B Corp journey with your prospective employees and within your company.
  • Join B Corp Month, our annual campaign in March that celebrates what it means to use business as a force for good.