Highlights from B Corp Month 2022 

This B Corp Month, we invited everyone behind the scenes to uncover what makes B Corps better for people and the planet. Explore some of the highlights from our European B Corp Community here.

Behind the B

B Corps are modelling the kind of business the world needs — business that meets rigorous standards for social and environmental impact, is transparent, and is accountable to all its stakeholders. B Corp Month is a time to amplify the imperative for this kind of business, and to lift up the work that B Corps do to tackle injustice and inequality, and bring positive impact to people and the planet.

All around the world, B Corps are throwing their doors open to reveal how our community is making business a force for good. We’ll also peek behind the curtain at B Lab, for a glimpse into the process of becoming a Certified B Corporation.

Behind the B Editorials

Behind the Journey of Continuous Improvement

Behind the challenges of working towards a circular economy

Behind the B City Guides

Check out our B CORP CITY MAPS to find and visit B Corp‑certified shops, cafés, showrooms, and more across various European cities during #BCorpMonth2022!

#BehindTheB In Store

B Lab France promoted the B Corp Movement in more than 200 large supermarkets and stores in France. This initiative was launched thanks to the #ForGood program of the new member of the community,  Mediaperformances.

Did you know? Series

During B Corp Month we took a look at some of the numbers Behind the B, from geographical coordinates to size of the company and continuous score improvement!

International Women Day 2022

On IWD 2022, we recognized the vital role that the women #BehindTheB play in propelling our movement forward from within B Lab’s Global Network and we invited B Corps to do the same – see some examples from Vain Dane, Kaffe Bueno, Sair da Casca and Stone Soup Consulting. As we celebrated our marvelous colleagues, we acknowledged that our world is still far from true gender equality. As a movement, we’re committed to leading change that will uplift women’s careers, lives, and communities.

B Corp Masterclasses

To inspire all companies to improve their impact, B Corps in Benelux took the opportunity to host a series of masterclasses on topics ranging from climate to communications and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

B Corps Highlights

BAABUK Office Activation

The windows of Baabuk's offices were brightly colored to celebrate B Corp Month. On this occasion, the wool shoe specialists opened their doors to take a behind-the-scenes look at the company and their commitments as a B Corp.

Derfor er vi stolte af vores B Corp-Certificering

Tænker du måske. Og i så fald er du ikke alene. B Corp-bevægelsen stormer frem, men er endnu ikke voldsomt udbredt i Danmark. Og det er en skam. For jo flere B Corps, jo bedre verden.

IWD 2022: The B Corps You Need To Know About

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting women from the B Corp community who are paving the way towards a better, more equitable future. From plastic-free packaging to ESG-focused investing to creating art with impact, here are the B Corps to know about, told by the women realizing their missions.

How big a dent can carbon offsets make in the climate impact of travel?

“Covid has only fuelled isolationism, and that’s not a good thing. We need to meet each other, talk to each other, and understand each other across cultures.” He believes Goodwings can help stop the carbon impact of all that travel getting back to its pre-pandemic high.

The startup that’s changing how the world sees coffee

Brewing a cup of coffee takes less than one percent of what’s in the beans. What if we could use the rest to create healthy products, reduce carbon emissions and support farmers in the global south? These three young entrepreneurs are doing just that.

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