Imece Summit

At the imece summit, we invite you to discuss the following questions: “How can we accelerate the proactive work of individuals and organizations towards transformation?” and “How can we promote knowledge transfer and cross-sectoral cooperation for this purpose?”

About imece
imece is a social innovation platform where people and institutions that create change come together and work together to find solutions to social, ecological and cultural issues.
Working towards developing new approaches, learning from experience and acting collaboratively; imece conducts its main programs imece impact, imeceLAB and imece dialogues through the activities it carries out with different partners and the content it produces.

What is imece summit?
2020 was a year of transformation in manifolds. As impact practitioners we all try to leverage such transformations to bring systemic change for a sustainable future. Such explorations need collaborative work and open space to nurture a dialogue on possibilities. The distinction between social innovation, business, startup, public sector and NGOs has been blending together, whilst the sense of urgency is increasing for a better society and planet.

To explore such possibilities, we have designed a summit to serve as a platform for individuals and organizations pioneering the transformation where they can think, collaborate and learn from each other for the pressuring challenges we face.

On March 18-19th 2021, imece summit took place virtually, powered by imece, hosted by Zorlu Holding, in knowledge and network partnership with ATÖLYE, B Lab Europe, BMW Foundation, S360, SIX in session partnership with Açık Açık, Ashoka Turkey, Impact Hub İstanbul, İstasyonTEDU, KUSIF, Mikado, Now Partners, UNDP Accelerator Labs, SDGIA, TSGA and curated by De-Coder.

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