Expectations and Preparations for the Green Claims Directive

Get ready for an enlightening session during B Corp Month 2024, where we're exploring the path forward in how we talk about sustainability. Our webinar, "Expectations and Preparations for the Green Claims Directive", is your ticket to better understanding and improving the way you communicate about green topics, whether you're in marketing, writing, communication, social media, or PR.

What to expect?

  1. Discover the ins and outs of the Green Claims Directive—understanding legal changes and its impact on SMEs.
  2. Explore practical steps for SMEs to align with the directive without losing their unique identity.
  3. Learn from B Corps’ experiences—identify common communication pitfalls, and get actionable tips for improvement.
  4. Engage in a Q&A session. Ask about the Green Claims Directive, practical examples, or discuss your specific challenges for tailored insights.

Why join?

Get ahead of the curve and prepare for the upcoming Green Claims Directive set by the EU, ensuring your communication aligns with the latest standards. Gain valuable insights from practical examples, discovering how to communicate about sustainability effectively starting today. This event is tailored to your company’s needs, with a focus on SMEs, offering actionable strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of green communication.

Meet the speakers:

Share the event with your colleagues – Marketeers, copywriters, communication professionals, social media managers, PR executives – and get ready for the Green Claimes Directive.

See you there,

Team B Lab Benelux

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