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2021 #17DaysFor17Goals Campaign showcased many ways our community is showing up and working towards the 2030 agenda – from B Corps to Movement builders, funders, partners, and SDG Action Manager users. Building on the momentum of the content series, B Lab Europe has created this SDG Knowledge Hub to support businesses on their journey to improving their impact, providing access to case studies, tools and resources to take action.

hand holding SDG 4 quality of education card

What are SDGs?

hand holding SDG 4 quality of education card

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The 17 SDGs are integrated—they recognize that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, and that development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.


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Rethinking Philantropy

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions.

Patagonia Action Works

Discover Patagonia's initiative to support grassroots groups, by connecting them with individuals, in order to take action on the most pressing issues facing the world today.

Voicing Demands

As the Commission gets ready to propose new EU legislation for corporate due diligence, Tony's Chocolonely is working on getting their demands heard around making companies accountable for human rights and environmental abuses in their supply chains.

Team building with environmental purpose

Have a look at how Plastic Whale uses the codes of team-building to clean up the oceans while helping companies have a real impact.

The Dopper Wave

Dive into Dopper's call for collective action and find valuable resources for your business to protect life below water!

Collective action to transform consumption

Discover how the Knowcosters foundation works to promote transformative consumption through informed consumption. Giving relevant information to consumers so that they can decide, with the same freedom, but knowing.

Using your brand name to drive change

Learn how Ben & Jerry's uses traditional and contemporary business tools to drive systemic progressive social change and get access to valuable resources.

Solar power for the private sector

What is the role of businesses in the energy transition? Revision Energy believes that companies can not only act as catalysts but that it is even a strategy to do so.

Look, smell, taste, don't waste

Discover the Too Good to Go campaign that educates on labels and prevent citizens from throwing edible food away.

A software that helps reduce carbon footprint

Discover Sweep and start measuring your carbon footprint while engaging your employees in improving your environmental performance.

Green Building Council x SDG Action Manager

Unlock the power of the business as a force for good by setting clear objectives! Take a look at our discussion with the GBC and their experience using our tool.

Real Estate as a force for good

Discover how Deepki accelerates real estate’s environmental transition and while creating employment through innovation. Get knowledge through their experience and various resources.

Resource Center: Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Find here a curation of resources, guides and tools to take a deeper dive into the effects COVID-19 has on communities and minority-owned businesses.

Cogeneration technology for carbon neutrality

In order to achieve the best energy consumption figures, LC Paper decided to jointly design the energy and steam generation systems coupled with their production machinery.

The airplane revolution

OpenAirlines uses innovation to help airline companies reduce their fuel consumption and transition towards more sustainable mobility. Curious about this? Discover their process.

Improving wages to advance decent work in supply chains

What is the rationale for businesses to take action on wages in their supply chains? What can companies do to improve the living wages of their workers across sectors? Have a look at this amazing guide created by the UN Global Compact.

A methodology to improve living wages

Interested in learning about a specific region's living wage? Here is a complete methodology brought to you by the Global Living Wage Coalition to get insights and practical advice to take action.

The Community Map

Use REScoop's community map to discover the growing network of 1.900 European energy cooperatives and their 1.250.000 citizens who are active in the community energy transition.

We Act for Water: a holistic approach to water mitigation

From Health & Hydration to Watershed protection and the support of communities, Danone's We Act for Water program sets clear commitments and achievements.

YPO Global Chief Executive Gender Equality Survey

The first-of-a-kind survey that was conducted in partnership with the Financial Times and the United Nation’s HeForShe initiative.

Partnership to end Gender Equality

The Gender Alliance is a cross-network initiative bringing together feminists from the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt's Responsible Leaders Network, the Global Diplomacy Lab, the Bosch Alumni Network, and Global Leadership Academy Community.

Storytelling as a tool to make a difference

WaterBear is the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. It provides access to award-winning and inspirational content that empowers members to dive deeper, learn more and take action.

Methodology and Ethics at Ferrer

Get valuable insights from Ferrer's code of Ethics and the commitments they have taken towards better Health and Well-Being.

A Culture of Health

As part of the Culture of Health for Business (COH4B) program, GRI contributes to developing a consensus-based framework for businesses to report on their culture of health.

Care at the heart of the new economy

What if care were treated as infrastructure? What if we invested in our care economy as the foundation of our economy?

Changing finance to change the world

Learn more about WeDoGood's mission to provide a more accessible, humane, and connected finance to the needs of companies and territories through the democratization of investment in exchange for royalties.

20 For Future

20 for Future is an alliance that aims to do business and do good for society at the same time. A group of local and international entrepreneurs who want to learn from others, build partnerships to become more responsible companies.

Buy one Give one

Learn how B1G1 helps companies measure their impact using the SDG widget that counts every time a company is giving through their system, thus easily measuring its actions.

Joining forces: B Lab + Fairtrade International

A new partnership aimed at advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through responsible business practices, sustainable supply chains, and global corporate transparency.

Connecting companies to associations

Discover how Microdon helps to multiply and diversify the support of associations facilitate collaborations between companies and associations.

The Biodynamic Gardening Club

Learn more about how Weleda engages its community by inviting them to explore organic growing using the biodynamic methods they use at their own Weleda gardens.

Creating a collaborative fruit farm

Discover how Opaline focuses on promoting traditional agricultural know-how, local biodiversity, and all crafts connected to nature with their first collaborative fruit farm!

Regenerative Organic Certified™

Find out how Patagonia established Regenerative Organic Certified™, the world’s highest-bar organic designation, in partnership with other brands.

Using biotech to support vulnerable farmers

Explore how Tierra de Monte aims to strengthen agriculture through the application of cutting-edge biotechnology, making it more competitive in both costs and results.

Planting trees

Learn more about how Ecotree buys and nurtures forests and land to convert to sustainable forests, and how this works as a business.

The perks of regenerative agriculture

Take a look at how Danone is working to develop and promote regenerative models of agriculture that protect soils, empower farmers and promote animal welfare.

Regreening to cool down the planet

Find out how granola brand Holie is working towards SDG15 through its various regreening projects in the Netherlands, Uganda, and Tanzania.

1 billion hectares by 2030

Learn more about why forest restoration is vital for the future and how ReforestAction is working with companies to provide accurate solutions.

The urban micro-farm

The Ferme Nature & Découvertes is an experimental space for agricultural production using eco-farming techniques, but also a space for learning permaculture, a place of inspiration and innovation, curiosity and sharing.

Upcycling the Oceans

Discover an unprecedented global adventure born in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015 that aims to clean the oceans of marine waste with the help of the fishing industry and to give a second life to plastic waste through recycling and closing the loop.

Introducing the Be Bot

4Ocean launches the BeBot, a groundbreaking piece of clean ocean technology, made for the sole purpose of cleaning and restoring coastlines while preserving the natural environment.

Back to the Source

Grupo Consorcio tells the story behind each of its products and invites consumers to track their purchases using a dedicated tool.

Sustainability above and below sea level

From organic rice and seaweed to responsible fishing and shipping, Letz Sushi has set standards high for all the products they use, offsetting their impact wherever they can't reduce it.

Sharing knowledge of the ocean

Empowered by its expertise, Reef Ecologic tailors training on reef restoration to improve leadership skills to build more resilient individuals and organizations.

A pathway to carbon emissions reduction

From carbon offsetting to the change of packaging and giving up on fossil fuels, have a look at Davines's journey towards mitigating and compensating its CO2 emissions.

UTOPIES: The founding French B Corp tackling climate change

From carrying out carbon assessments to developing tailor-made solutions, UTOPIES drives ambitious low-carbon strategies. Discover their impressive work and holistic approach.

Sustainability at the core of investment decisions

Learn more about Lombard Odier approach to sustainability and financial investments in responsible, committed companies.

Lobby for climate justice and a fair energy transition

Carbon 4 is a leading independent consulting firm specializing in energy transition that has developed several innovative analytical methods and sectoral methods for measuring carbon footprints for both public and private players.

Tailoring approaches to fit changing needs

Learn more about SBC's customized approach to develop unique, value-driven solutions to solve your challenges and expand what is possible.

From Plant to Product: managing the complete production cycle

From cultivation until the finished product, learn how N&B is assuring the highest organic quality by following the entire production of its products.

NaturalTech: when Sustainability meets Performance

Learn from one of the most cutting-edge companies in the cosmetics sector. From traceability to choosing natural ingredients while developing R&D, Davines is ruling the beauty industry.

Lease-a-Jeans model: going beyond recycling

Learn how MUD Jeans turned from being an example of circular fashion into an even bolder company when introducing the pioneering Lease a jeans model.

The Virtuous Factory

Discover a one-of-a-kind project led by Mob aiming to build a virtuous factory with an ecological and economic approach to optimize flows, reduce the building's consumption, produce energy directly on-site, and 100% waste management.

Craftmanship and Handmade Fashion

Explore how BDA has focused on guiding all its processes towards the search for world-class quality, showcasing impressive results in sustainable manufacturing.

Fair Trade Certified

See how Patagonia has partnered with Fair Trade USA to ensure living wages in their supply chain and improve the lives of workers.

Theory of the Donut

Originally presented as an alternative to face Black Friday in France, the #donutfriday aims to spread the theory of the Donut as a compass for both businesses and consumers.

Building a low-carbon and inclusive city

Learn more about how Redman contributes to building a sustainable life through real estate and is committed to promoting a low-carbon and inclusive city.

The Design-Build Method

Learn more about this all-in-one method from BuildX Studio: one entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through to completion.

From strategy to design to sustainable real estate

Explore the various solutions and the knowledge ARP Astrance has developed over the years to achieve the goal of more resilient cities.

Creativity and innovation at the heart of cities of the future

Søren Jensen is not afraid of doing things differently in a very-much coded sector. Explore their disruptive and holistic philosophy.

Transforming Barcelona

Led by Barcelona +B, B Citizen Lab is a program to mobilize citizens and organizations to collaborate in the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at the level local.

Creating Circular Ecosystems

Cities cover 3% of the earth’s surface, host 50% of the world’s population and account for 75% of the resources consumed and of CO2 emissions. Discover how Enoki is changing that by creating circular ecosystems.

Transforming realities

Have a look at this project led by Raizes to raise awareness among women about periods. This edition held numerous workshops, impacting almost 400 women with different contexts and life experiences.

Changing the perception of refugees

Discover how SEP Jordan is bringing thousands of refugees above the poverty line and helps women become change-makers.

The Participatory Model

Learn about the journey of Mobil Wood from Holacracy to participative democracy, and its role in the Ulteria ecosystem, working for societal transition.

Acknowledging Australia's First People

While Diversity and Inclusion are core to Intrepid Travel's DNA, they decided to bring their commitment further by completing the Reconciliation Action Plan. Find resources here.

Web accessibility for all

Targeting the web accessibility for all people with certain disabilities or older adults FACIL'iti offers meaningful adaptations supporting the individuals with various comfort needs: vision, mobility, or cognitive.

100% employee-owned business

What are the perks and the risks of the employee-owned model? Revision Energy has been through this journey. Here is what they have learned from it.

Finance to reduce inequalities

SICSA serves the MSME sector, promoting productive units that generate employment and financial inclusion for vulnerable sectors, especially in rural areas with a larger population of women.

Using your brand name to drive change

Learn how Ben & Jerry's uses traditional and contemporary business tools to drive systemic progressive social change and get access to valuable resources.

Using R&D to change an entire industry

As part of the B Movement Builders in Latin America, Gerdau happens to be one of the most innovative steel manufacturers and aims to scale up its effort by 2025, changing the standards of an entire industry. Definitely, a model to look for.

When "waste" becomes valuable

Did you know that 99% of the coffee consumed worldwide goes into landfills, releasing methane, one of the most harmful GHG? Kaffe Bueno uses biotechnology to turn that waste into an opportunity for health and food. Learn how.

From harmful gas to commercial interest

Discover the technology behind AlgaEnergy's solution to transform gases of industrial origin into recoverable biomass, rich in compounds.

Connecting people

Dive into Altice's innovation approach and get inspired by its never-ending capacity to create, break boundaries, and desire to improve people's lives.

Improving health and well-being through real estate

Find out more on how Impulse Partners and ARP-Astrance have joined forces to accelerate the development of the most innovative start-ups by connecting them to industry leaders.

The future of agronomy

Discover Clean Green's aeroponic grow system, an innovative technology that enables repeatable and predictable premium quality yields of crops.

Addressing the challenges of modern slavery

Just Good Work is a free interactive mobile app powered by Fifty Eight, giving job-seekers and workers critical information and advice for everything needed on the journey to work, from recruitment to employment and life in a new destination to moving on or returning home.

Modern Slavery Act Policy

Take a look at the specific policies EllisKnight International Recruitment operates for identifying and preventing slavery and human trafficking in their operations.

Innovate at the speed of a startup

Possible Future aims to bring meaningful innovations to market, by turning intuitions into proven opportunities. Discover their methodology!

The Revolution of the Rooftops

Holaluz aims to bring affordable and renewable energy to all, thanks to a dedicated approach that fits the needs of every citizen and their energy consumption.

NWG and the Zero Bill

What if collaboration was the way to the energy transition? This is what NWG offers to their clients through the Zero Bill program. Learn more about how it works!

The ACE One

Discover an entire energy solution for off-the-grid households in the developing world that provides a clean, smokeless cooking experience for its users.

The case of the community-led energy

Hepburn Wind is the first community-owned wind farm and is based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. To date, they have been able to produce enough clean energy for over 2000 homes.

Tackling Energy Poverty in Taiwan

Access to energy is fundamental to improving quality of life and yet in Taiwan, there are 4,036 extreme-poor and low-income families who can't afford it. Learn how DOMi Earth combines the use of quality LED lights, social care, and education to tackle energy poverty.

Fixed Price Energy plan

Have a look at the work of Spark Energy to consistently supply reliable electricity, community support, and better customer experience to hundreds of thousands of individuals across many states.

Using solar power to provide safe drinking water

WADI is a solar-powered UV measurement device that visualizes the process of solar water disinfection (SODIS) in PET or Glass bottles.

WASHiriki - Water, Sanitation & Health through cooperation

Discover how Aqua Clara Kenya uses the power of community and cooperation to raise awareness, influence, and provides households with safe water and sanitation.

Reuse, scan, and fund charitable projects

Learn more about the giving model of Fill it Forward app and how users help fund giving projects that provide access to nutritious food, clean water, hygiene, sanitation, and education.

Getting involved in the whole process

Lifestraw's Give Back program is not only about donating filters to another charity; the company operates the entire program. Find out here how they do it!

Business as a force for Gender Equality

Discover Soko's collaborative effort to end violence against women while supporting the artisan community in Kenya.

Passing on environmental conservation

Get inspired with Domi Earth's Tree Planting Parties. A parent-child event to change children's views on the environment and the role they play.

Water bottles as a social means

Learn how Hope is building much-needed public school classrooms in the Philippines through the sale of Hope in Bottle water.

Entrepreneurial Proving Grounds

A sneak peek at how Saxbys champions education and opportunity to empower the next generation of changemakers.

Access to quality education as a right

Because learning empowers us to change and grow and redefine what’s possible, Coursera partners with the best institutions to bring the best learning to every corner of the world.

The future of microalgae-based biostimulants

Discover the inexhaustible potential of microalgae that contributes to addressing the challenges societies face: food security, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Financing the agriculture of tomorrow

Find out how Miimosa is funding projects in market gardening, viticulture, breeding, beekeeping, brewing, and renewable energies.

More Crop Per Drop

Discover an organic growing process developed to improve rice yields of low-income farmers to alleviate poverty and improve food security.

Superfoods For Everyone

Organic, plant-based food is core to American Your Super. Get insights on how they created a 100% transparent supply chain where everyone gets to know the people who grow each of their ingredients.

Agricultural education

Discover how Luxulare uses its knowledge and competencies to educate on advanced agronomy techniques and the latest innovations.

Using innovation to keep seeds safe

Learn how ZeroFly is improving the livelihoods of thousands of farmers thanks to its insecticide-treated bags.

Growing insects to feed the world

Explore the future of food with the vertical farms of Ynsect, and how it can contribute to ending hunger.

Understand the need to end food waste

From donations to associations to sticking of short-dated products and anti-waste baskets, explore how Phenix is helping every professional managing their stock.

Set up high standards

Learn how Patagonia is acting at a sectorial level by partnering with other brands to establish Regenerative Organic Certified™, the world’s highest-bar organic designation.

Connecting points of view... on food.

Check out Zafran project "The Great Dialogue" to apply it at your level and build common narrative grounds to end food poverty.

The holistic power of planting trees

Learn more about how Treedom provides farmers with know-how and technical support for planting and managing trees.

Reducing poverty using circular economy

What if your used objects could help people to get ahead? Learn more about how Recidar is using the circular economy as a social means.

Supporting artisan communities

Discover how Soko is using the power of craftmanship in communities to change the jewelry sector.

Ending child vulnerability

Learn how Endiro Coffee is tackling child vulnerability by leveraging partnerships, value chain strategies, and market expansion.