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'Experience the B' in Switzerland: Bringing the B Corp movement to the public

How can people discover what is the B Corp movement really about? In Switzerland, as part of the #myplanB campaign, a contest offered participants a chance to win an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience with different B Corps.


Sustainability Disclosure: the EU leads the way on ESG, but much more should be done

There is an increasing demand for companies to disclose their impact on people and the planet, but are the European Sustainability Reporting Standards ambitious enough to meet stakeholders’ needs?

How to Future-Proof your Business with Douglas Lamont, CEO of B Corp Tony's Chocolonely

Certified B Corp Tony's Chocolonely recently introduced 'Tony’s Mission Lock' – a future-proof legal structure for impact companies. We had a chat with Douglas Lamont, Chief Chocolonely at Tony's Chocolonely, to discuss how businesses can protect their mission.

B Corp Industry Standards: Mitigating Risk While Driving Change

A look into what B Lab's risk standards are and how they can help drive change within controversial industries

Group photo at the B Corp Festival

A Night at the Museum: B Corps in Europe Celebrate 10 Years of Making a Difference Together

B Corps from all across Europe and the globe, and friends of the B Corp movement gathered at an iconic venue in Amsterdam – the NEMO Science Museum – to celebrate an extraordinary milestone: 10 years of B Lab Europe and the European B Corp movement.

B Corp Recertification: what you need to know

Achieving the certification is a big deal, but recertification is an even bigger deal. Why is it important and how can companies come prepared? We have 5 tips for you.

We go beyond shareholder primacy

Beyond Shareholder Primacy, One Clause at a Time: A Primer on Stakeholder Governance

What stakeholder governance is, why this concept is so closely knit within the B Corp movement’s global vision of a regenerative, equitable, and inclusive economic system, and how companies that champion it as the new paradigm go beyond the status quo.

Three B Corp Leaders that Go Beyond

Three B Corp Leaders that Go Beyond

From addressing large-scale environmental and societal challenges through business to advocating for better legislation for all, B Corps go beyond the status quo in multiple ways. They do so because, behind the B Corp movement, there are thousands of people using business as a force for good. In this article, you can hear from three of them.

The case to save Article 25: Directors' Duty of Care

One game-changing Article in the CSDDD could be key to the EU Green Deal: why expanding directors' duties is critical to future-proofing the European economy.

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A Decade of Impact

The B Corp movement has gained remarkable momentum over the past decade, attracting businesses committed to using their influence for good. Recently, the B for Good Leaders Summit and B Corp Festival took place in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, bringing together purpose-driven leaders, B Corps, and friends of the movement from around the world. At the iconic venue of the Nemo Museum, some of the members of our Portuguese B Corp community had the opportunity to experience the true meaning of being part of an interdependent community.

Being Ethical is a Journey

When we were creating Stone Soup in 2008, it took us many months to set up our Theory of Change, processes, services, and procedures. Why so long? We wanted to have a consultancy based on shared principles and values. So first we had to debate them collectively and reach a consensus. And that is not as easy as it might seem.

Pioneering System Change from the boardroom

B Lab Switzerland leads the change in Davos in the presence of 100 Swiss Companies

Benelux B Corp Community Spotlight

With the holiday season coming closer, many companies are looking for ways to show appreciation to their employees. However, when it comes to corporate gifting, the impact a product has on people and the planet is often overlooked. One way to gift more meaningfully is to look beyond just the gift itself and make sure to support and buy from companies that are committed to using business as a force for good.

Greenwashing: Do’s and don’ts in communicating your impact accomplishments

On a beautiful autumn day in Amsterdam, the Benelux B Corp community came together for the first time in three years. A perfect Thursday afternoon to network, learn and discuss. The room was bustling with ambassadors of many diverse B Corps, with the pleasant, missed-for-so-long noise of chit-chats. What awaited them? An afternoon full of inspiration on this year’s very topical and timely theme: Greenwashing.

A B Corp’s perspective on 1,000+ B Corps in Europe

How the European B Corp community is celebrating the growth of the movement and what this milestone means

An insight into the Swiss Triple Impact, a national sustainability program launched by B Lab Switzerland

In 2020, B Lab Switzerland launched the Swiss Triple Impact, a national solution-oriented sustainability program that fosters commitments of the private sector to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An effective and essential program to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

Talks over Tea: Leadership changes at B Lab Europe

We had a chance to sit down with Juliette Caulkins, B Lab Europe’s new Executive Director as the leadership baton is passed from Katie Hill, who held the position for the past four years after her time as B Lab UK’s Executive Director.

Behind the B Movement Builders: the key role of multinationals in the B Corp movement to achieve systemic change

Inspired by the leadership of the global B Corp community, B Movement Builders is a collaborative coalition of leading multinational companies that catalyze the global movement of business as a force for good.

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