Opportunities to Provide Feedback on V6 of the B Impact Assessment


The time has come for B Lab to start testing drafts of Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment! As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a best-in-class measurement and management tool for a company’s social and environmental performance, B Lab has developed and received approval from our Standards Advisory Council for a draft of Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment to be made available for alpha testing and public comment. 

Beta testing will begin in August, followed by a 60-day public comment period in September and October 2018, with final review and launch in January 2019. 

The new version features structural changes, updates to individual metrics in the Operations section, and important improvements and additions to the Impact Business Models. Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment (BIA) is organized into a new goal structure intended to make the BIA more understandable, consistent, and outcomes-aligned. Read our detailed explanation of the proposed V6 changes for more.

Beta testers of V6 will complete a provisional V6 assessment on behalf of their company and provide feedback on its content. Beta testing usually requires 3 to 5 hours. B Lab hopes to find 30 candidates within the B Corp community. If you or someone else in your company is interested in participating in beta testing (August 2018), reach out to acgonzalez@bcorporation.net. Selected testers will receive a B Corp gift.   

For those interested in reviewing and providing feedback on V6 who are not interested in becoming beta testers, stay tuned for the V6 public comment period coming in September and October!