Call for Nominations: Multinational Subcommittee of the Standards Advisory Council

B Lab is pleased to announce a call for nominations and applications for membership on the Multinational Subcommittee of the Standards Advisory Council.

While the early success of the B Corp movement has been driven largely by innovative small and midsize companies, over the past several years, an increasing number of large, multinational and public companies have expressed interest in joining the B Corp movement. This growing interest has presented a unique opportunity to B Lab & the B Corp Movement to, through deep engagement with these companies, influence large segments of our economy to drive transformation towards a shared & durable prosperity for all. 

In response to this interest, in 2016 B Lab created the Multinational and Public Markets Advisory Council (MPMAC), a multistakeholder advisory body, tasked with making recommendations on how to create a meaningful and manageable path to certification for multinationals. Following the conclusion of the MPMAC in 2018, B Lab released a set of standard requirements and the corresponding certification process for Multinational Companies to certify. 

Learn more about the Certification Process and Requirements for Multinationals.

While the requirements provide both a meaningful and manageable process for these companies to certify, the process and requirements have been designed so that certification of these companies will be a multi-year journey and frequently require internal transformations of the company and its performance in order to qualify. 

In recognition of this multi-year journey, in 2019, B Lab will also be launching the B Movement Builders program with an inaugural class of multinational companies. 

B Movement Builders are leading large and multinational public companies who are creating a new narrative about the purpose of business, alongside and in support of the Certified B Corp community. In 2019, B Movement Builders will come together to take action to combat short termism and to lead a shift in the culture, practice and operating system of business and finance that will upend shareholder primacy. B Movement Builders will commit to 6 principles designed to actively demonstrate their alignment with the values that underlie the B Corp Certification.

Learn more about the B Movement Builders Program.*

At the core of both B Corp Certification and the B Movement Builders program is a set of rigorous performance-based principles and standards designed to differentiate high performing mission driven companies, educate and inspire companies towards meaningful continuous improvement, and maintain the integrity and credibility of the movement in its pursuit of a shared and durable prosperity for all. These principles and standards have been overseen by an independent Standards Advisory, which is now being expanded to include a Multinational Subcommittee specifically focused on overseeing the performance standards for these companies 

The Multinational Subcommittee will be comprised of 10-12 stakeholder and topical experts from around the world, including leaders of the B Corp Community, selected through an open application process now through September 1st. Individuals with a passion and expertise in using business as a force for good, who are willing to dedicate some of their time to support the B Corp Movement, and who have particular experience or perspectives valuable to evaluating the performance of large companies are welcome to apply. More details about the mandate, commitment, and qualifications for the committee are available in the application below.   

Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by others. 

To be considered, please complete and submit this application along with your resume or a brief bio to The deadline for submissions is September 1st, 2019. 


*Some program details are still in development