Workshop on Regenerative Business | May 17

A webinar designed to inspire and empower you to apply the concept of regenerative business in your own company.

Join us for an insightful webinar series on Regenerative Business, where we will discuss how Regenerative Leadership will shape the future (of business)!

What do we mean by regenerative business? How can businesses do more for people and the planet by embracing regenerative business practices? What does regenerative business look like in different sectors? We will discuss these topics and more in our two thought-provoking webinars for our esteemed and vibrant European B Corp and B Leaders communities.

Both webinars will be led by B Leader Minou Schillings. Minou is a Regenerative Business Facilitator & Transformation Guide who helps impact-oriented business professionals to unlearn, imagine and realize regenerative futures.

This first session introduces the concept of Regenerative Business in an interactive workshop, followed by a second session on May 31, where we will discuss Regenerative Business in the B Corp movement with two invited B Corps. Get your ticket for the second session here!

We look forward to seeing you there and to learn with you about such an inspiring topic!

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