The way forward is inward: Exploring the Inner Development Goals | March 7

Get inspired to go beyond business as usual, showcasing best practices to activate sustainable change leadership through the IDGs
The way forward is inward: Exploring the Inner Development Goals – a B Corp Month Event

This B Corp Month, we go beyond business as usual with experts. Our lineup of inspiring masterclasses & workshops will help you build your knowledge and sharpen your skills — all in a lunch break.

The way forward is inward: Exploring the Inner Development Goals

Join this upcoming workshop by THNK and The Best Journey Ever on the Inner Development Goals (IDGs). Learn why the IDGs are a critical complement to the SDGs and experience how the IDG skills can be put into practice when addressing (business) challenges. Note: this session will be interactive, including breakout rooms.

The IDGs are a global initiative blueprinting the qualities and skills needed to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Their aim is to educate, inspire and empower people to be a positive force to lead change in society, while managing complex systemic environmental and social issues. Get inspired to go beyond business as usual in this workshop, showcasing best practices to activate sustainable change leadership.

During this interactive workshop we will go:

  • Beyond Sustainability as Usual: Look inside. Becoming aware of the inner capabilities required to carry through the vision of the SDGs. Do you and your organization have the skills it takes?
  • Beyond Inner: Connect to the outer. Understanding the relationship between inner development (IDGs) and our natural and social environment (SDGs). Can we and how do we take better responsibility?
  • Beyond Personal: Back to business. Activating the change beyond the personal sphere: influencing sustainable professional processes to tackle complex challenges – in practice – in business. Can we empower more?
  • Beyond Business: Accelerate impact. How to ingrain the IDGs inside business processes, in Governance, with Workers and Customers, accelerating positive impact on both Environment and Community. Will we, all together, reach our goals?

More on the Inner Development Goals

In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals gave us a comprehensive plan for a sustainable world by 2030. The 17 goals cover a wide range of issues that involve people with different needs, values, and convictions. There is a vision of what needs to happen, but progress along this vision has so far been disappointing. We lack the inner capacity to deal with our increasingly complex environment and challenges. The Inner Development Goals show what inner shifts or human growth needs to happen in order for us to increase our chances of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals collectively. Fortunately, modern research shows that these inner skills can be developed.

About B Corp Month 2023

Every year during March, B Lab and our global B Corp community join together to celebrate everything it means to be a B Corp, building awareness, understanding, and trust around B Corp Certification. This year, we will showcase that B Corp Certification isn’t just a mark; it’s a global movement of companies and people going beyond business as usual to make their mark on the world.


This event is in the past. Watch the recording here.

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