LinkedIn Live: Stop blah blah blah – helping you have business conversations that matter!

We go beyond blah blah blah: How to have business conservations that matters

Event by Sarah Needham: Unique-U Coaching is a B-Corp

Are you struggling to understand your colleagues or your boss.

You feel like no one listens to you or your can’t make yourself understood?

Perhaps you are trying to get budget for something important but feel like although you try to prepare for the likely questions there are always more and more coming?

In the session, Sarah will share:

– how to set your conversation up for success;
– how to help others understand you;
– why taking a stand for something (although it might seem counter-intuitive) is important;
– how you can help the seniors answer the questions they throw at you.

So come along for a lively & fun dialogue to help you understand some simple tricks to make your work life a lot more fun!

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