European B Business: Doing good Business Together

Virtual event that connects B Corps across Europe for new business opportunities and impact collaborations.

Get ready to join the B Corp European B Business – the virtual event that connects mission-driven businesses across Europe and provides a platform for them to create new business and and impact collaborations together!


  • Meet other European B Corps. We are +1000 already!
  • Encourage business and impact collaborations between European B Corps.
  • Foster the sense of belonging to our amazing B Corp European Community.


  • The event will be a unique opportunity for like-minded B People to showcase their innovative products and services and create business opportunities with other European B Corps.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to have direct communication with matched people who intend to forge new business relationships.
  • You will learn from other fellow European B Corps that have done business together across Europe.
  • We will send you the confirmed list of companies a few days before the event.
  • You will get the contact details of the people attending to continue the conversation after the event has ended.


We are still working on the details of the agenda. However, as soon as we have them we will post them here. If you register now we will email you to let you know when the agenda is ready.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to connect with fellow B Corps, learn from industry experts, and create new business opportunities. Register now for the first European B Business!


This is a virtual event, via Zoom. You will get the link in your email inbox once you register.


This event is only for B Corps in Europe and we have 200 slots available. Please be mindful when you sign up and be sure that you can attend. The quality of the activity that we prepare will depend on knowing for sure who is coming. We will email you closer to the date to re-confirm your attendance 🙂

The event is open to B Corps. Please reach out to your local B Lab representatives or for an invite!

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