Biomimicry: Sustainable Innovation Inspired by Nature

Get ready for an enlightening session during B Corp Month 2024, where we're exploring strategies from the natural world to overcome challenges in our economy. This webinar is a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of biomimicry—a discipline that draws inspiration from nature's time-tested strategies to unlock innovative solutions for the challenges in our economy.

What to expect?

Ever wondered how sharks save lives in hospitals or how cactus strategies can grow your business? Discover the world of biomimicry, where nature’s 3.8 billion years of evolution provide a blueprint for sustainable innovation. Wouter Swenneker will share captivating cases of businesses applying biomimicry, propelling creativity, and fostering sustainable solutions. Explore the endless source of inspiration in nature’s strategies for energy harvesting, circular design, and remote collaboration.

Why join?

  1. Get introduced to Biomimicry: Understand the principles of sustainable innovation inspired by nature.
  2. Get inspired with Biomimicry examples: Explore a range of real-world applications that harness nature’s wisdom.
  3. Learn how to solve challenges: Tap into 3.8 billion years of evolutionary experience to address modern challenges.

Meet the speaker:

  • Wouter Swenneker – Managing Partner, Nature’s Right | VIA Climate Taskforce Chairman
  • Daan van Apeldoorn, Senior B Corp Impact & Engagement Manager at B Lab Benelux

Ready to revolutionize your approach to innovation? Register now and discover how nature’s wisdom can fuel sustainable solutions for modern challenges.

See you there,

Team B Lab Benelux

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