BEYOND ENGAGEMENT: How to go beyond for you and your business | March 1

B Corps have a strong purpose and shared values. But how does this effect the engagement of all employees? Join this session to hear about how to maximise employee engagement and how we are all leaders.

In this B Corp Month we go beyond “business as usual” with experts from the B Corp community. We want to share our knowledge.

In 4 online Lunch&Learn sessions we invite you to exchange and inspire each other. In doing so, we want to show a new approach of leadership, knowledge transfer and collaboration, because B Corp certification is not just a badge, but a global movement where companies go beyond the norm to create real change in the world.



The B Corp Engagement Advantage

In this session Sarah Needham from B Corp Unique-U will show why B Corps have a massive advantage in engaging their employees. B Corps are a community of businesses that “go beyond”. We have a strong purpose, strong values & we prioritise our people. Does this mean everyone is engaged? No!

But it does mean that you have the possibility to maximise engagement whether you are a leader or any employee.

In this session Sarah will share her top tips for:

  • B-Corp business leaders on how to maximise the engagement of your people to uncover new business opportunities;
  • B-Corp employees (you are all leaders) how you can design minor changes to maximise your own engagement & therefore have more fun;

These changes will have a positive effect on all those people around you!

So come along, feel energized & exchange with other B Corps on how to “go beyond engagement” !


About Sarah and Unique-U

Sarah is a leader & the voice for transforming businesses to create a more sustainable future for life on earth.

She believes that the businesses that will transform the corporate landscape in the next ten years will put inclusive & engaged leadership at the heart of innovative solutions.

The visible leadership in the world makes most people feel uncomfortable. It is time to enable a new form of leadership that is based on courage, connection & contribution! Sarah believes we are all unique for a reason & this is our key to unlocking not only our own potential but that of our businesses in such uncertain times.

She has built Unique-U Coaching as a B Corp certified coaching business to hold her values of sustainability, equality & technology to the highest standards. She compassionately helps tech leaders & teams make the most of their unique strengths!

Sarah’s ability to connect & create trust with her clients allows her to help leadership teams re-design how they work together to enable their people & their business to thrive!


About B Corp Month 2023

Every year during March, B Lab and our global B Corp community join together to celebrate everything it means to be a B Corp, building awareness, understanding, and trust around B Corp Certification. This year, we will showcase that B Corp Certification isn’t just a mark; it’s a global movement of companies and people going beyond business as usual to make their mark on the world.

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