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Online platform for sustainable building renovation
Certified Since: March, 2016
Location: Ascoli Piceno, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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The name ÒTweegsÓ comes from the word ÒtwigsÓ, which evokes the image of the ÒnestÓ: the most eco sustainable house in nature. It was borne out from the innovative idea of developing an online platform that promotes and simplifies eco-friendly methods and solutions about building renovation.

The actors of the platform are clients, professionals, artisans and producers, both senior and junior: the client chooses a nearby professional to fulfill his/her intervention; on the other hand the professional asks producers and local artisans for help. That is working in team (Òintegrated planningÓ), in order to reduce costs and time of implementation.

In this way Tweegs makes the renovation of existing building heritage easier, shortens the construction supply chain and makes different professional communities get in touch. Furthermore it creates new job opportunities addressed to people who deserve a chance and simplify the spreading of eco-friendly practices and solutions. The result is a fairer and more transparent construction sector for all.

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