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Stevia del Condado

Healthy products without glucose, saccharose, aspartame and erythritol
Certified Since: January, 2018
Location: Santisteban del Puerto, Jaén, Spain
Sector: Agriculture/Growers

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Stevia del Condado is aimed at customers interested in consuming healthy products without glucose, saccharose, aspartame and erythritol. The products offered do not include gluten, making them perfectly suitable not only for celiacs, but also because of their properties can and should be consumed by diabetics. In addition, these people will be able to find the full range of products offered on the web portal and authorized distributors. Stevia del Condado supply products to specialized ecological stores, herbalists, dietetics, nutrition, gourmet, delicatessen, pharmacy, parapharmacy and a restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels, among others.

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